Monday, May 30, 2011


We didn't go to the Mother/Daughter tea that our Service Unit had because the girls voted they would rather have a Tea Party at my house. They also voted that they wanted it to be girls only. No adults.

They showed up looking so cute. They were dressed in darling dresses, some with hats.
The table was decorated with real china and silver. The china was 100 years old.
The girls were all on their best behaviors and we even had a lesson in manners.
We also talked about the proper way to behave at a tea and eating in general.
We started off our tea with warm, mini cinnamon rolls, fresh from the oven.
Then we had three kinds of tea sandwiches, fresh strawberries, carrot and celery with ranch dressing for dipping.

There was also, multi colored cheese fish crackers, white covered pretzels, cherry tomatoes and rather then tea, we had tea pots full of fruit punch and pink lemon aid.
The girls learned the proper way to pass food. How to be polite if there is something they didn't wish to eat. To wait before digging in until everyone is served.
It was so nice to see these great girls behaving in such a way that they would surely attract attention while eating out. Not because they were misbehaving. Rather, they would be noticed because of how well they acted.
We did have several laughs too.
For dessert we had, mini cookies with pink icing, mini eclairs, white cake and German chocolate cake.
Once everyone was full and were all finished eating, they went out to the living room to practice their skit they will be doing at camp.
They also all got goodie bags. Fun patches will also be given at our next meeting.
Here are a few shots of the table. .
Each napkin had a sterling silver tea pot napkin ring from my collection. The girls each got to take home a flower shape cookie.
The flowers that adorned the table were a mix of flowers I had received from some of the girls for my birthday.
Each girl used a different tea cup from my collection. All of the tea cups were near 100 years old.

It was fun getting dressed up and acting like grown ups.

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