Saturday, May 14, 2011


We met out front of the school since we were meeting right after the girls got out for the day.

The girls were excited to show me what an older (not at their school) Girl Scout did for her Gold Award.

She painted the Perry Panther sign for the school and also donated a lot of different equipment for them to use for sports.

They were happy to see how the older Girl Scouts actually helped out their very own school.

We headed to South Coast Plaza for our appointment at the Microsoft Store. We were early but we only had to wait a few minutes before they were set up and ready for us.

Once inside, we were lead to an area with seats and a big screen.

The girls were going to learn how to use Word to make a flyer and also a newsletter.

Before starting on their projects, they all went over the safety pledge for Internet Safety.

All the girls gave input on what they wanted their pretend Newsletter to look like. What it would say and how the lay out should be.

Then, Justin, took us around to show us all the new equipment out there to make our life easier and how the future is already here.

The girls enjoyed this large computer that was a touch screen and seeing how they could take a picture of the Earth and by blowing it up and up they were able to find right where they were located.

They enjoyed seeing pictures from the satellites that showed live time feeds. They looked for our cars in the parking lot.

A bit scary really. I had no idea this information was out there for the general public.

They were shown the latest phones and all they do now.

Justin showed how they could download classroom text books right on to a Kindle and how much lighter and easier it would then to have to carry all the books in their backpack.

Fun new computers that go from being a desk top to a lap top and then at night, once on the dock it becomes a clock for your bedroom with an alarm to get you up in the morning.

The girls got to play around on some of the new computers. They played games and Justin was great at showing them all what can be done on computers.

Justin told me he was very impressed with our girls. They knew so much about computers and all the latest equipment. He said most kids that are 9 and 10 don't know half as much as our girls do.

The girls loved being able to play around and have fun on the computers.

Even though they did know a lot, they still asked several questions. Showed me they not only were really paying attention but that they had an interest in learning even more.

Justin showed the girls the Customer Service area and explained that if they had any questions later on, they could go there and the staff would be happy to show them how to do what they are looking to do.

We then headed over to different touch screen computers and the girls got to play with a program to make art work.

He teamed the girls up two by two.

The girls then played around making a card.

Of course they loved doing that. In fact, some of the girls wanted to stay there longer but we had to move on.

We went back to where we started. With no idea what were going to do next.

It was time to DANCE! They loved this part of the day the most. The dance program was on the big screen and the girls got to pick the songs they danced to.

Of course the computer was watching them and tracking their movement to see how well the girls did.

Why are they laughing so hard?

Because, Justin hit the play back that showed the girls dancing on the screen now rather then the game playing.

He then showed us a slide show presentation of our trip to the Microsoft Store. The girls enjoyed seeing pictures of themselves as they were at each station.

We even got a DVD copy to take home for our Troop memories.

At the end, each girl was presented with a certificate and a goodie bag. They even gave each girl a Fun Patch for the back of their vest.

Each girl said she had a great time.

I know Trinity loved it. She took her grandpa there a few days later to show him what a great store it was and all the fun new things that are out there.

The girls will all get their Computer Fun badge at our next meeting.

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