Monday, May 30, 2011


SWAPS are little things made by the girls to exchange with other girl scouts.
They are made from scraps of items and represent a way for the girls to show kindness to other girl scouts.
Since we are going camping on June 3rd, we made some SWAPS to bring.
The girls love doing any kind of crafts. These were quick and easy little crafts and the girls had fun making them.
They were all told to make 6 SWAPS at home to bring to camp so they can exchange with the girls in our troop.
They were given whatever items they wanted from my box of scraps. They were also told they could use things at home.

Each SWAP must have a pin attached to the back so they can be pinned on a vest, hat or jacket. They can also keep them in a box or scrapbook.
They should be made with the theme of Girl Scouts, camping or the theme of our camp Under the Sea.
After making the SWAPS, the girls surprised Michelle and me with a little birthday party! How sweet!
They brought cards and gifts and even had cake for us! Thank you girls!!! I know you made my day and I'm sure Michelle feels the same way.
Then it was time for the girls who sold Cookies to get their rewards/prizes. Boy oh boy, they got lots of things this year!
The girls all agreed they are going to work super hard at the upcoming Fall Product Sale and Cookie Sale next year. They all want to break the record of selling 500 boxes each that our girls did this year.

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