Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We experimented with color tonight as part of the Looking Your Best badge.

The girls took turns holding up different colors to their face.
Then everyone voted on which colors looked the best on everyone.

It was interesting to see that everyone looked best in different colors.  Though several did have the same colors.

So, we picked the  most popular colors and the girls voted to pick three of those colors.  They were hot pink, orange and yellow. 

We are going to use those three colors to make tied dyed shirts after the Holidays.  We will use those shirts as another troop shirt to wear on outings.

Then we did a fun craft that the girls really enjoyed doing.

We took clear glass candle holders and covered them in a glue called Mod Podge.

Then they rolled them in Epsom Salt. 

They turned out looking like snow was all over them.  The frosty glass looks pretty once they are glowing from the candle being lit.

Each girl got to make two candle holders to take home. 

They were easy to make and fun to do.  I think the girls could have a made a dozen more if we had the supplies.

The last thing we did was practice singing the Christmas Carols they will be singing.  Then the girls decided to sing a funny song just for fun.  Even though it's one we won't be singing when we go out to carol, they thought it was so funny and kept asking to sing it so I told them they could.

They sang "Grandma got run over by a reindeer".  Oh poor grandma!

These girls crack me up.  They are so fun to be around and I always leave the meetings in a good mood. 

Friday, November 11, 2011


The girls all met at the flag pole after school.  They looked so cute in their bright pink shirts.

We then carpooled to 300 Bowling in Anaheim. 

This photo cracks me up.  I don't know what came over the girls.  I told them to go stand in front of the back drop for a photo and they all started to pose.  Silly girls!

Then they decided to huddle up for this picture.  Cute!

We all agreed this was the best bowling place we had ever seen.  It was so modern and fun.

It was hard to get photos in there because it was fairly dark. 

We loved they had bright hot pink, lime green and orange bowling balls.

Some of the girls had been bowling before.

Some had never been.  But, it didn't matter because they all had a good time.

There were hugs, high fives and claps for every pen that was knocked down.  What great sportsmanship!
Everyone was laughing.  Not at each other but just because it was ok to not bowl perfectly. 

It was ok to miss all the pens, not let go of the ball on time so it ended up making a big bang when it hit the lane or even having the ball go backwards because they let go of it to soon.

Yes, all those things and more really happened.  But, there were also several STRIKES and SPARES too.

Our troop is really a pretty close troop and I believe all the girls really enjoy spending time together.

They all get along, no fighting ever and they all listen so well.

They bowled one game and then took a break to have snacks and drinks and rest a little bit.  Bowling is a lot of exercise.

Scores were kept by the machine but honestly, I don't think anyone could tell you who bowled what score.  It really didn't matter.  It was all about having a great time, learning how to bowl and getting along with everyone.

Like always, our time together just flew by and before we knew it, our time was up.

So, everyone put their shoes back on and carried their rental shoes and bowling balls back to the front to be put away.

I wasn't surprised at all when each and everyone of the girls said they wanted to go back again. 

It was a fun outing and fun treat to spend some time going out during the week. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


At our meeting this week, our troop grew even larger.  We got another new girl, Safa.  We want to welcome her and are thrilled to have her in our troop.

This month my assistant leader is Diana.  She helped me hand out all the supplies and get ready for us to do our project.

Since the weather has become cooler and at times down right chilly, the trees and flowers are are not producing as much food for our birds.  So, we made bird feeders to hang up at every one's homes.

It was a simple, yet fun project to do.

We took pine cones and tied a ribbon on them to tie them to trees, hooks or other places.  Then we put peanut butter all over the pine cones.

We mixed up, bird seed, peanuts and raisins and rolled the peanut butter covered pine cones in it.

I thought it was funny that several of the girls wanted to eat the peanut butter.  I had to stop them before they ate the left overs.

 I explained that they had put peanut butter on the pine cone and then back in their peanut butter.  Who knows what dirt or germs were on the pine cones and are now in the peanut butter.

I was pleased they were able to each make two bird feeders without much mess at all.

After they were finished making their bird feeders, they put them on paper plates and then they were wrapped up in a large plastic zip lock bag to take home.

I think the girls would have loved to make these for hours.  They were laughing and have a great time.

They were all excited about hanging them up when they got home so the birds would have some yummy treats.

I think they all turned out just perfect!!

The girls were proud of how they turned out too.

I'm looking forward to hearing about where they all hung them up.

We then cleaned up and practiced singing Christmas Carols.  We are going to go Caroling in December but we need to practice until then so everyone knows the songs.

The girls were enjoying singing and getting in the Christmas Spirit so much that they didn't want our meeting to end.  They asked if we could keep singing and stay longer.

But, we were out of time and had to pack up.  The girls gathered in the "Girl Scout Friendship Circle" and passed around their happy departing wishes for each other. 

Then we all went home.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween is always a fun time for children.  They get to dress up, decorate pumpkins and of course Trick or Treat.

So that was the theme of our party this year.  Trick or Treat!

The colors were black and orange. 
We had black and orange candy.

Black and orange chips.

The table decorations were black and orange.
The goodie bags were Black and Orange.
The little coffin candy holders were black and orange and had black and orange candy inside.

Even the cupcakes were black and orange.

There was also a "story" about an old lady that lived in this house who was really a witch.  If you have not heard about it, have your girls tell you.

Trinity is showing the fireplace mantle that tells the full story.

The girls looked so cute in their costumes.

The girls all got to make their own pizza.  Who knew they were all such good cooks.

They got to decide what they put on their pizza. 

Some of the girls put more sauce, some more cheese.

The two little bee's finished their pizzas first.
Some put black olives, some put pepperoni.

They all put lots of cheese.

Once they were all made, into the oven they went.

They all were so excited to see how the pizzas came out. 

Cailyn made it just in time.  She quickly made her pizza and got caught up.
We enjoyed snacks and ghost stories as we waited for the pizza to cook.
The girls loved the ghost stories and kept asking for more.
They started to tell their own ghost stories...which were all true... of course.
We were all so excited to see how great the pizza turned out.  Plus, they taste wonderful.  Perhaps we should open up a troop pizza place.

By the way, don't they all look great in their costumes!

Everyone ate until they were ready to pop.
I don't think there was anything left on any one's plate.  I wonder why it is that when kids cook something themselves, it always tastes so much better to them.

It was a beautiful day out so, we headed outside to work on our craft project.

Everyone knows that I always try to fit in a lesson or two into everything we do.  Even when it's a fun party.

For our art project we did decoupage on canvas.  Which is actually one part of a badge we are working on.

While the art project was drying, the girls came back inside and they got to Trick or Treat with each other.

Each girl brought items to give to the other girls.  But, only after they said "Trick or Treat".

There were lots of laughs and giggles going on.

They really had a lot of fun doing this.  They enjoyed giving to each other and of course getting little treats from everyone was fun.

They got toys, candy, wash cloths, chap stick, stuffed animals and loads of other things.  So much, it wouldn't all fit into one bag.
After all the treats were handed out, the girls watched a darling Halloween movie.

What seemed like a blink of an eye was actually three hours and it was time for parents to come to take them home. 
They made sure they didn't forget to take home their art work.  What they made was silhouette pictures.

Silhouettes are dark shadows of a person or animals or figures. 
With the addition of a sparkling BOO and ribbon glued on the back, these pictures will look darling for years to come as they hang up on Halloween.

Everyone agreed they had a lot of fun and enjoyed everything we did.