Monday, May 30, 2011


Our first try at Star Gazing didn't work out to well. The sky was to overcast to see anything. So, we tried again.

Back to the Great Park in Irvine we went.  This night turned out to be a great night.
Of course the girls wanted to go on the Carousel a few times.
Then, after playing for awhile, we went over to the field where the big telescopes were set up.

I was not allowed to take photos there as it would disrupt every one's night vision and they wouldn't be able to see anything.
But, we all got to see Saturn! Even the rings were clear. In fact, it was so clear that it appeared to be fake. Of course it wasn't though.

I remember seeing it one other time and I thought the same thing then too.
Each girl, had questions to ask and once they got their answers, they had to tell the others the answers. This way, I knew they were listening and actually learning something about Star Gazing.
After being amazed with Saturn and learning about stars, planets and the moon, we all went to the big orange hot air balloon and went way up in the sky.
Almost everyone was bit scared but everyone was brave and went any way.
We went up 400 feet. Which, is much higher then it sounds.
Some of the girls were not scared at all but still enjoyed acting like they were.
Some of the riders were terrified.
Once we started to come down, the wind kicked up and was blowing us side to side, giving us quite a wild ride.
Once down on the ground, everyone was happy we were safe and made it back to Earth with no injuries.

Having family along for the night was a lot of fun. It gave everyone a chance to get to know each other a little better and the girls loved showing their family what girl scouts is about.

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