Saturday, May 7, 2011


It was perfect weather for our day at the San Diego Zoo! Thankfully the hot days we had earlier in the week left and we had a nice cool day.

All the girls are BIG animal lovers and the zoo is always a fun place to go to.

Everyone got a long great! The girls teamed up with a partner so we would be sure no one would get left behind at an exhibit. This worked out really well.

Some of the girls were working on finishing up getting their Wild Life badge. They had to find out answers to questions and were given little assignments through out the park.

Some of the girls had already earned their Wild Life badge yet they were still interested in joining in on the lessons too. I really liked to see that.

The girls seemed to learn a lot about Tigers. How the male doesn't hang around with the mommy and baby tigers. The mommy tiger leaves the baby after two years. Tigers really don't like to be around other Tigers.

Everyone loved seeing the Hippos. I never knew they were such a popular animal.

We all got an extra treat because there was a mommy and baby hippo to watch.

Everyone brought their lunch and we were all ready to eat shortly after getting to the zoo.

Once the tummies were full and the energy level was back up, we took off to explore more of the zoo.

Michelle was able to get us all free rides on the bus! It pays to wear our sash to show we are Girl Scouts.

The bus was not all we expected though. It did take us around so we could see where we wanted to go to but, it stopped way to often and the driver didn't really tell us what we were seeing.

We ended up getting off the bus and walking. We went over to the Polar Bear area.

I think the girls had as much fun playing on the statutes and taking pictures as they did seeing the bear.

Tuppence liked the baby and wanted to take it it wasn't a real baby, just a statute.

The whole troop got on the scale and found out that their weight together was about the same as a one year old polar bear.

Look who popped up from under the ice. A little polar bear that looks just like Nikki!

We got to watch the polar bear being feed by hand. Not something anyone would do in the wild but, here at the zoo, the animals get much different treatment.

In order to get to the polar bears to study them, a helicopter is used. Each girl got to climb in the pretend helicopter to see what it would be like.

Bears love caves. So do our girls!

Thankfully, this guy didn't run away with the girls on it's back!

I'm not even sure what this animal is. But it's a good thing it isn't really this big!

How would you like to come across something that looks like this out in the wild?

The girls love to climb. Proving that little girls are just like little monkeys.

There were many places to stop and read or even take a little rest. Photo ops all over!

I love being able to go places and seeing the girls smile and laugh all day.

We made our way to the elephant area. Boy those are super big animals.

As big as they are, they can be very gentle too. It really is amazing to watch these animals. I think they became one of my favorite animals.

The girls took turns reading signs out loud to each other. It quickly became something they looked forward to doing. Who knew, reading out loud would be so popular?

Silly girls! Little actors really.

Have you ever wanted to see the end of an elephant's truck up close? Well, here is your chance.

We actually got to see how they clean the elephant's feet and how they check them out from head to toe. They walk them over to a big cage area. One person feeds the elephant lettuce (which they love) and tells the elephant to lift up it's leg. It does and allows another worker to check it or clean it.

These are super smart animals.

Oh yippee! Another statute to climb on.

We did a lot of walking. Up and down hills all day. We got a lot of exercise in without even really noticing it.

Be careful Brittnee! That's a rattle snake!

You too Nikki! That bird is pretty big!

Oh NO!!!!!!!!! It got hold of Jesse's arm! Thankfully, the bird let go as soon as it was time to move on.

This little guy was the big hit of the day!

Learning about the gorillas and why they are no longer found in the wild like they used to be.

Comparing hand sizes.

What fun! A free piggy back ride.

I think we had more laughs over at the monkey area then any where else. They are always fun to watch.

Beauty and the Beast!

Jesse and Trinity getting a little snack from a friend.

We spent a long time watching these guys play. They were so funny. We all agreed we would be able to sit there all day getting entertained by these little guys.

See! This is the girls watching the little monkeys.

It was time to go. The zoo was closing.

I'm not really sure what it was, but, for some reason, the girls looked a little different then when we first got there.

What do you think?

Our next outing will be to the Microsoft Store where we will earn our Computers are Fun badge. The girls will be shown different things on the computer and learn everything they need to in order to get the badge.

This is a great opportunity for the girls and I think they will enjoy it.

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