Monday, May 30, 2011


One part of working towards our Bronze Award is doing a project where the girls do something that will continue on, even once they are done doing their part.

The girls decided to help animals as their Bronze Award projects.

We have been learning about how to take care of pets at home.

Learning about animals in the Wild Life.

Learning about endangered animals.

Just about every aspect of animals has been studied.

For the BIG project, the girls decided to help find homes for dogs.

We worked with the rescue group, A Wish For Animals and at a Dog Adoption.

The girls took care of the dogs and spoke to the potential families looking to adopt a dog.

They played with the dogs.

They held the dogs.

They walked the dogs to give them exercise and to let them go potty. Yes, they even picked up after them when they went.

There were several dogs that were scared and shy. Some not wanting to even come out of the crates.

Knowing that if they didn't come out and socialize, they most likely would not get adopted, the girls got those dogs to not only come out of the crate, they got them to run around and play.

It took a long time to get some of the dogs to open up and trust people. After all, some of these dogs were abused by their prior owners.

By the time we were finished with the adoption, all of the dogs were better at letting people hold them and play with them. Even the staff from the rescue group was highly impressed at how well the girls worked with the dogs.

The girls spoke to several families looking at the dogs and explained the temperament of each dog to them. Helping them to pick out the right dog for their family.

Of course, all the hard work they were doing, seemed more like play to the girls. They loved being around the dogs.

It was great to see how the girls interacted with the dogs. They were so loving and patient with them.

They never once complained about working the long hours they did or at having to do any of the work.

Because the girls got all the dogs out playing and having fun, they attracted more customers to their area and therefore, more dogs were adopted.

By the end of the day, the dogs were tired, the girls were tired and they had found 9 homes for the dogs.

It was a great day. A day 9 families will remember always. It was the day they got their new family member.

Those 9 families will continue to have love and companion for years to come. Those 9 dogs will live long and happy lives.

The girls and the rescue have agreed to work together again helping more dogs and family find each other.

I'm very proud of the girls and how well they were with the dogs, the people and how mature they all acted.

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