Thursday, December 8, 2011


It was finally time for the yearly Huntington Beach Christmas Parade!

This was the 2nd year our troop has decided to be in the parade. 

Last year, our troop was much smaller.  This year was going to be more fun since there were more of us together.

All of the girls wore solid red t-shirts, green scarfs and Santa hats.  They looked so cute!

They made us get there early, so we had a lot of time to stand around and goof off.  The girls even did a dance number together.

The girls were very excited and some even said they were nervous about getting to be in the parade.

When I asked what they would be nervous about, they said, everyone will be looking at us.  I told them, no, we will be looking at them.  That made them laugh and they were no longer worried about a thing.

It seemed at times that it was taking forever for us to get started.  Yet, once the time was there, it seemed to go so fast.

Our troop was handing out mini candy canes and Christmas suckers.  There were four stockings filled with the candy and the girls took turns handing out the candy and then switching to holding the banner.  That way, they all got to do both jobs.

Of course, being the picture taker that I am, I had the girls take a few minutes to pose for some pictures.

We had to line up in the order they wanted us to walk in the parade.  This took awhile to get all the different troops in the proper order.
The excitement built up as we saw the bands and cars lining up.  There were skaters, dogs dressed up as Santa Paws, cheerleaders and so many others waiting in lines like we were.

Then it was finally time and the line was moving pretty fast.  Soon we were up and ready to go.  We were in the parade, handing out candy, waving hello to everyone and searching the crowds for family faces.

While we didn't see everyone, we did see Trinity's dad, Elizabeth's mom and dad and Skylar's dad.

We also saw many friends and neighbors smiling faces.

Before, we knew it, the parade was over.  We met up with the parents and was able to snap a few quick photos.

It took longer for us to stand around and get ready then we spent actually walking in the parade.

It didn't matter though because the girls felt like they were celebrities.   With everyone waving and yelling out to them, it was almost like walking the red carpet.

It was really nice to see how many people came out to support the girls. 
It was cold and really put everyone in the Christmas spirit. 

We all said good night to each other and everyone went about on their own.  I don't think any one hung around.  Mostly everyone just went home.  We were tired and hungry. 

It was fun and something we were happy to get to do.

Once again, GIRL SCOUTS RULE!!!


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