Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Tonight, we spent our meeting doing more planing for our upcoming camping trip.

We went outside to the front yard and practiced putting up a tent.

The girls are really excited about going camping and getting to spend the night in tents.

None of them had ever put up a tent before.

Some have gone camping though. Some have not.

They were all eager to learn to put the tent up though.

They all did really well too.

It was all about team work!

Thankfully, the tents these days are pretty easy to put up and take little time.

We need to find more tents though. Our troop only has three tents. Little tents for two people. We need at least one more.

The girls were thrilled when they got the tent all set up properly.

They couldn't wait to get inside. In fact, they wanted to just play inside the rest of the meeting. But, that wasn't going to happen. We had to much other stuff to do.

Like take the tent down and put it in it's case.

It came down, just as easy as it went up too.

We all were hoping that the other tents we have are just as easy to use. We won't know until we get to camp as we are not setting them all up before hand.

The girls were talking about how fun it's going to be and how they wished we were going now.

Again, team work made folding the tent up easy and fast.

It's funny how when they do something new, it's not work. It's fun!

It took a little bit of effort, to get all the parts of the tent and the tent it's self, back in the bag. Together they were able to do it.

They all felt a bit of pride for being able to do such a great job without any real help from an adult.

We then moved back inside to practice how to roll up a sleeping bag.

We talked about making sure each girl has a good sleeping bag that will keep them warm. Not just one of the super thin kid sleeping bags for sleep overs. Being outside all night can get super cold!

I have to tell you, it's so nice to see how these girls were able to learn this stuff so quickly. They really are getting older.

After everyone proved they could, in fact, roll the sleeping bag up, we made out our menu for the weekend trip and went over what they would be doing while we were there.

While I'm not the biggest camping fan, I know the girls are excited about going and their excitement has made me excited too.

I think we are going to have a super time!

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