Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Our meeting started out with Trinity leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance and The Girl Scout Law and Girl Scout Promise.

Everyone showed their completed papers they took home last meeting. I was so proud they all did the assignment needed to complete our first badge.

Each girl got the BEING MY BEST Badge.

We talked about some up coming events taking place and voted on going to Camp Sherman and maybe to the Pacific Aquarium. Both will take place in Oct so we may end up only going to one.

The girls voted on what they wanted to do to celebrate the girls birthdays. It was decided to have a cake or cupcakes and all the other girls will bring a small gift to the birthday girl.

However, the money spent on the gift has to be earned by the girls and can't just be handed over by their parents. This will teach the girls to work for their money and they will take pride in being able to earn the money to purchase the gift.

We then started to work on earning the patch HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS.

We played the friendship game. Each girl took turns drawing a question then having to answer it. It helped to show them that even though they may not realize it, there are certain things that attracts you to someone you want to be friends with.

There are qualities and characteristics in people that they look for when picking friends. They also saw how being a good friend themselves is a great way to make other friends.

We also made a list of 6 different things to do with friends that are either free or inexpensive. Before our next meeting, the girls will put one of their ideas into practice and do one of their ideas with a friend and write down what it was.

We learned that there are signs to show how someone is feeling. They learned how to read nonverbal communications.

Each girl drew an emotion that was typed out on a piece of paper. They then had to act it out without using any words. The other girls had to guess what the emotion was.

Some were easy to guess. Some were a bit harder. Can you tell what emotion Trinity is showing in the picture above?

The girls then wrote down three ways to improve communication in their families. Before our next meeting they will try one of the ways out and report back to us how it went.

They also did role playing with different situations so they could develop positive responses if things should ever happen. They did things such as having a friend talking in class and passing notes but then they are the one who gets caught and has to go to the principle.

Then it was turned around and they were the ones who got their friend in trouble. What would they do?

I was proud that all of them would have stood up and admitted it was their fault and not the friend. They learned to accept responsiblity for their actions and when wrong to deal with the consequence.

We missed having Jesse with us. She was with her daddy hunting. We all said we hoped she was having a nice time and look forward to seeing her this coming Friday when we get together to work on our swimming badge.

Then as a way to show those we are already in a relationship with how much we care for them and what they do, we made cards.

It could be a card for any reason such as a get well card, thank you card or just for no reason other then to say hi. It could be for a family member, a friend, a neighbor or anyone they knew.

Each girl quickly thought of someone they wanted to make their card for.

They all agreed they love getting a homemade card and/or mail. The best ones are the ones you are not expecting. They brighten your day and make you happy.

I loved seeing each card and hearing the reason the girls made them.

Nikki made her card for her neighbor who babysits her. She said she wasn't being very nice to her earlier in the day and felt bad so she wanted her to know how much she really means to her.

How sweet! I bet the babysitter will be thrilled to get this card.

Haili made her mom a card because she is so good to her and is her best friend.

Aww, that would melt any mom's heart. I think mom will keep that card forever.

Trinity made her grandpa a card to thank him for working so hard and working on extra days just so she and her grandma could have extra money to go do fun things.

Isn't that darling! I'm sure grandpa will be so happy to get that card.

As long as the girls do their projects at home they will have earned another badge.

The girls love getting badges and we seem to be able to earn them pretty fast. Of course we won't be getting a badge every meeting but we we will keep on working towards them.

We then cleaned up, packed things away and said good bye.

We will be getting together at my house this Friday. The girls will all be doing the things needed to work on their SWIMMING badge.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


We had a blast today! It was our first outing since I've become their leader and everything was perfect. The weather couldn't have been nicer, the girls all got along perfectly, we had a lot of fun and we got a cool patch.

I got to know the girls a little better and I can honestly say that I love each and every one of them.

After what seemed like forever, it was finally the day to go to the Angel Stadium for a day and night full of fun.

It was the first time everyone got to see our cool new Troop banner.

Thanks go out to Maureen White for purchasing the banner for the Troop. The girls all said they really liked it and was happier with it then the one they were going to make.

The girls were really excited about getting to go on to the field and walk in the banner parade.

I have to admit, I was a bit excited myself. After all, I have never been on the field of Angel Stadium. It's not often you get an invitation to walk down there.

We had to wait outside after we checked in and that turned out to be a great chance to snap some photos of the girls.

Haili was always ready with a smile. No matter how long I would wait to snap the photo she had her smile ready. She was so cute.

But then, sadly I caught her with her eyes closed! Some photographer I am.

Nikki was excited about getting to hold the banner. She had fun running around wrapping it around me and we ran around together out in the parking lot showing off our banner.

She really wanted to hold one of the ends of the banner. So of course, she got to.

Poor Trinity. Yesterday, she cut her foot pretty badly and she was in a lot of pain having to walk on it today. But, she was a trooper and held up well.

Jesse cracked me up with her hat that was to big for her. She seemed to love wearing it and even though it was hard to see her face most of the time she looked darling in it.

Even though we had to wait for over two hours, the girls were all very well behaved and I was proud of them.

Still waiting in the parking lot before the parade starts.

Don't the girls look sweet in their hats?

Just hanging out and goofing off.

Still waiting...

The crowd just kept getting bigger and bigger as we got closer to the time to line up for the parade.

It was finally time for us to line up and get ready to walk the field!!!

The music was on, people were cheering and as we walked the field the girls danced a bit, waved a bit and most of all had a great time!

Troop 746 loves the ANGELS. That's right girls. Show off those shirts. You look great in them.

OK, so we had seats so high up that only the blimp was higher then us. Who cares. We still had fun.

Plus, we had plenty of extra seats around us so everyone could move around and sit where they wanted to.

Haili didn't give up hope of maybe catching a fly ball. Hey, stranger things have happened in life. You just never know. Plus, a girl scout is always prepared! Way to go Haili!

The best part of the night was getting together with family and friends and sharing time... oh ya, and food. Lots and lots of food.

I should have known better then to sit in front of these two. I got bopped on the head with big fan fingers, things tossed in my lap and even had rice some how find it's way into my hair. Only to have giggles come from them right after these things happen.

Of course, they had no idea how those things happened to me.

High on sugar and full of excitement, the girls laughed, talked, joked and had a great time. They all got along so well.

I hope they also made some memories that will last a life time. I know I did.

Yes, even those who sit in the last row, way up high, can still be a Number One Fan!

I love this picture. Even with all the fun going on in the stands, the girls, every now and then, actually watched and enjoyed the game.

They were actually interested in how fast the ball was being thrown, who was on base and if the Angels were going to be able to get the other team out before they had a chance to run home.

It was then time to say good night and good bye. Wish everyone a safe trip home and make plans to see each other again in just a few days for our meeting.

I'm really happy we went. I think the girls were too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We started our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Nikki was was given the honor of holding the flag tonight as a way for us to show our appreciation for being able to hold our meetings at her house.

Thank you so much Sara and Nikki. It is so nice of you to provide the location for the meetings. We promise to keep your home safe and as clean as when we get there.

It was nice to hear the girls and adults say the pledge loudly and without hesitation.

After that, the girls all said the Girl Scout Promise and Law. They were given a copy of both so they could study them and try to memorize them for the next meeting.

The adults were given permission slips to sign for our outing at the Angel Game on August 28th and were told that custom T-Shirts would be made for the girls to wear and they should also have their sash on that day. Tickets were handed out and everyone was told that we will be meeting at Gate 6 at 4:00 pm.

Also, Maureen White was kind enough to purchase the Troop a lovely banner for the girls to carry during the parade and can be used for all outings when on is needed.

Thank you Maureen! I can't wait to see it! I'm sure it will be great.

The girls learned how to deal with Peer Pressure through role playing. Also, how to change negative thoughts and actions to positive ones and how to act more like their role models.

The girls then wrote positive statements about each other on index cards and gave them to each other.

They were to keep the cards in a special place at home so when they are feeling down or sad they could pull out a card, read it and be reminded of what a wonderful person they are and how others see good things in them.

It was then time to make the journals. Each were given a composition book to cover with different colors of scrapbook paper, stickers, gem stones and each girl got their own package of 3D letters that were their initials.

The girls are so creative and artistic. Each one came up with their own idea on what they wanted their journal to look like.

They were told to use the journals to write down what ever they wanted to in them. Thoughts, dreams. What is bothering them. What they had fun doing that day. It is their journal to use as they like.

They all seemed to really enjoy making them.

This is Jesse's. How cute!

Trinity is showing you her masterpiece. How darling.

Haili's journal is very colorful. It's wonderful!

Nikki picked a nice blue background for her journal. How pretty!

All the girls did a great job. I am very proud of them.

The girls were given a print out so they could write down something they are good at, each day for a week.
Once they turn those in at the next meeting, they will earn their first patch as a Girl Scout Junior! How exciting.

I was also excited to see how many bottles and cans everyone brought to recycle. Way to go girls!

Thanks go out to Trinity's Grandpa, Jeff, for helping the girls by going to cash them in for money for the Troop.

Our next meeting is August 31, 2010.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


The first patch the girls will be working on will be the BEING MY BEST patch.

Working for this patch will help the girls learn to have a good opinion of themselves, take positive risks and avoid negative ones.

They will work on making new friends and keeping keeping old friends.

All this will help them to be more successful in life.

We will be making a Journal for the girls to use through out the years as they write down their thoughts and feelings on how their life is going.

This meeting is on August 17th at 5:30 pm over at Sara's house. If you need directions please let me know.

Make sure the girls bring in their bags of cans and water bottles so we can start on our recycling project.

See you there!