Sunday, May 15, 2011


After picking up the girls, we headed down to the Irvine Great Park. We were going Star Gazing!

I thought it would be fun if we got there early so the girls could enjoy the park a little bit and run around before it got dark and we started gazing into the Heavens.

When we first got there, we noticed the big Merry Go Round. I had forgotten that they got the beautiful carousel from Fashion Island, not to long ago.

But, I did remember that it was free to go on.

I have always loved Carousels. I think they are so pretty and love to hear the music and watch them going round and round.

So, we headed over to sign in and get our hands stamped. Then we ran over and got right on.

It was a lot of fun because there were so few people there that the guy running it said we could stay on as long as we wanted. Of course, the girls wanted to stay on for several rides.

They changed their seats each time though.

When we got our hand stamped for the Merry Go Round, we also got a pager to let us know when our turn was to go on the Hot Air Balloon.

We weren't sure if we would get to ride on the Hot Air Balloon though because it was a little windy and they wouldn't send it up unless the wind died down.

We thought this was a funny bike and all the girls wanted to climb aboard.

There also was a play area that the girls really enjoyed spending time at. They could climb rocks, run around and have a blast.

There were caves, slides and many rock piles to climb on. They didn't want to leave this area.

We finally got a notice that the wind wasn't going to die down enough for the Hot Air Balloon ride. We were all sad about that.

You can see the balloon in the background in this photo.

Once it got dark, we noticed the sky was covered in clouds. So thick that the bright moon finally disappeared. There were no stars to be seen.

Another disappointing moment. Though the disappointment didn't last long once the girls learned they got to ride the Carousel several more times and that they could play over at the play ground longer.

After waiting until 9:00 pm, in case the sky cleared up, we finally agreed it wasn't going to happen.

The girls did say they wanted to come back for the Star Gazing and Balloon ride. I told them we would try again on another night.

Once home, I checked the web site and noticed that since the only other night they are having the Star Gazing is May 27th, I decided to set it up again for that night.

Hopefully, we will be able to go that night.

Even though things didn't turn out like we planned, we still had a lot of fun and we were glad went.

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