Saturday, April 2, 2011


Blogger appears to be having some sort of a problem so none of the paragraphs show up on this post. I'm sorry about that. In order to get our Bronze Award, each girl has to earn a Leadership Award. One part of earning the award is to help out the troop leader. So, each girl will take turns at being my assistant for a month. This month it is Trinity's turn. While we were waiting for Nikki to come to the meeting (she was at her baseball game) we worked on fliers for the upcoming Dog Adoption we are going to volunteer at.
The girls are excited about getting to help out finding homes for the rescue dogs.
We will be getting together one day to put up fliers and hand them out to people walking by.
When we were ready to formally start our meeting, Trinity lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
We then went around to each girl to see how well they could recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law without reading it. Most did pretty good. Though, they all still need to practice it at home and really get this down.
We read the section "It's Great to be a Girl" in the Junior Handbook.
We talked about Values and how they help us make important choices in life. The girls then all talked about what their values were.
They took the test and discussed how Girl Scouting has a long list of values. This finished up the requirement number 5 for our Sign of the Sun badge.
The girls then took turns to read what they did for number 1 and 2on the Sign of the Sun award project.
It was nice to see that each girl actually thought about what they did last week to actually live the Girl Scout Promise.
They all did great deeds for people they knew and didn't know.
They all got those sections signed off. Now we just have two more sections to work on in order to finish up this part of the requirements for our Bronze Award. We are getting closer and closer to that Award.
We finished up our work early so we could celebrate Nikki's birthday! It was Trinity's turn to bring the cake and she brought a darling white cake with pink icing and flowers. Just what Nikki requested!
We all sang Happy Birthday to Nikki and enjoyed a piece of cake.
It was finally time to open presents.
Each girl gave her gift to Nikki and got her picture taken with the Birthday girl.
It's so fun to see how excited the girls get at not only getting the gifts on their birthday but also, when they give the birthday girl their gift.
It just goes to show you that it really isn't the dollar amount that is spent on the gift. It really is the thought that counts.
When the meeting was over, the girls cleaned up the mess, put everything away (yes the girls actually does the clean up) and then they did their Friendship Circle and sent everyone home with good wishes being sent their way. I just wanted to say that Trinity was a great assistant to me during the meeting and really worked hard. She also took most of the photos for this post. She will continue to be my assistant through out April at the meetings and any outings we go on. Good job Trinity! Keep it up.

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