Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sorry but it seems that blogger is still having problems with they system. So, the paragraphs are all running into each other. The girls got picked up right from school and off we went! First we made a stop at the recycle center and dropped off some old paint and in return we got tickets for all the girls to go to The Discovery Center for free! Then we headed over to Frogg's Bounce House. We got there early but they let us in anyway. This was arranged by one of the other Girl Scout Troops in our Service area. So, there were going to be lots of other Girl Scouts joining us.
I wonder where these girls get so much energy though. They ran around jumping, climbing, sliding and playing for hours!
They were all so good! I'm really lucky to be the leader of such a great troop.
Even if these girls can be a little crazy at times.
There sure was a lot of laughter going on.
Jesse's mommy was kind enough to buy dinner for the girls. Even though it was hard to get them to stop long enough to eat. Thanks Michelle!
The girls in our troop all get along really well. I really do love seeing them acting like true Girl Scout "sisters".
Even though they all played well together, I noticed how they would break off in groups of two or even three at times and one girl would go off and play with some of the other kids there. This was good because it meant they all felt very comfortable in a group or making new friends.
Some of the girls brought money to play games with. Jesse even won a stuffed animal.
Well, we all know how I want the girls to always have fun but at the same time learn something new or work towards a project for Girl Scouts.
So, I was thrilled to see that the Troop that set up the whole fun night also was working to help the victims of the tsunami over in Japan. They were collecting money to send there but, they also were making origami cranes. These would be sent to OSH Stores and they donate one piece of clothing for each crane that is made. They are also sending all the cranes to the Japan OSH store to hang up there so everyone there can see all the love and support from the good ol' USA.
I had the girls try to make their own crane to send to Japan. The little girl in purple is another girl scout showing them how to make them.
They start out pretty easy.
Then they get harder and harder to fold and understand the directions.
They kept trying and trying to get it right.
The little girl showing them, was so fast at folding them it was hard to keep up.
I kept asking her to slow down and show them again and again how to do the next step.
It wasn't easy. In fact, Jesse and Brittnee gave up trying. Trinity and Elizabeth finished their cranes and wrote on them the city and state they lived in. We then added them to the pile of other cranes made by the other girls.
Then it was back to play time.
The girls had to take a few breaks as it got pretty hot in there with all the running around.
They spent so much energy I thought they were going to fall to sleep right there.
It wasn't long before they were up and running around again.
Trying their hands at more games.
Bouncing around in the big bounce houses.
Dancing on the bean bags.
Just having good old fashioned fun!
The time flew by. It seems like it always does when we get together as a troop.
The girls had me cracking up all night. Like when Jesse tried to fit into this little car.
I think this photo of Brittnee shows just how tired the girls were by the end of the night. I hope they all slept well. I have a feeling they did.

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