Wednesday, April 13, 2011


After the normal part of our meeting (collecting dues, going over business and talking about what is coming up) we started working on our LET'S GET COOKING BADGE.
We made homemade banana bread.

The girls all took turns measuring out the ingredients and then packing up their ingredient to be put away.

All of the girls had baked before so, this was really a refresher in how to measure properly.

We did talk about making sure that all ingredients were fresh before using them.

Everyone did great at making sure the ingredients were level as they were measured out.

Before we started on the banana bread, I showed the girls how to tell if an egg is hard boiled or uncooked by spinning it on the table.

They saw how the hard boiled one will spin easy. The uncooked egg won't.

We discussed what the different ingredients did in the recipe. How not all ingredients really add taste. Some are just to make the bread rise.

They enjoyed squishing the bananas. They weren't sure why I had brought old stale looking bananas.

It was explained that the older the banana got the more sugar it produced and that made the banana have a stronger flavor. Plus, it helps to make the banana soft.

These bananas were full of flavor and the smell was very strong.

Once the ingredients were all mixed up well, we put it in the oven and went back into the other room for more fun.

We made armpit fudge! Girl Scouts have been making this for years and years. It's made with American cheese. The girls weren't to thrilled with eating fudge made with American cheese.

None of them believed me that they were going to be making yummy chocolate fudge that was sweet and had no cheese flavor.

They thought it was so funny that they actually put their bag of ingredients under their arm.

They learned that by doing this, the butter and cheese would melt and allow the dry ingredients to be mixed all together.

Oops, Trinity's bag fell from her armpit and we all laughed how it made her look so grown up.

Jesse had her fudge tucked in so well, she could lift her arm and it didn't fall away from her armpit.
While the fudge was being made, we work on other parts of the badge requirements.

Soon, it was time to actually eat the fudge.

One by one, the girls tried her fudge.

They all loved it and said it didn't taste like cheese at all.

It was just a rich chocolate fudge taste.

So now, when the girls are asked if they have ever made Armpit fudge before, they can say YES they have.
It was soon time to take our banana bread out of the oven.

Some of the girls wanted nuts in the bread and some didn't. We solved that problem by putting nuts on top of 1/2 the bread rather then in the mix.

It came out great and most of the girls wanted 2nds.

Though it was pretty hot when they ate it because it took almost our whole meeting time to cook.
I think it tasted even better to the girls because they made it themselves.

Jesse gave it a try but didn't really like it because she doesn't like bananas so she gave her piece away.

The other girls all ate their slices or they brought them home so they could eat them when they cooled down a little bit.

The night just flew by. Before we knew it, it was time for the girls to clean up and put everything away.

We had a great time and lots of laughs.

Like always we did the Girl Scout circle to send everyone home with well wishes and we said good bye to each other.

Though, it will only be two days before we get together again. Don't forget that we are going the Frogg's Bounce House on Thursday.

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