Sunday, April 10, 2011


We started our morning off early this past Saturday. We were actually some of the first to show up at our location.
So, we got to explore a little bit before it was time for our gathering with all the other Girl Scouts.
We went to the Back Bay in Newport Beach. It was a very pretty day. A little chilly but then it would warm up. We were very lucky because the weather man reported rain.
We really had no idea what to expect. We just knew that one of the older Girl Scouts set this day up as part of her Silver Award project.
We knew we would be planting but that was all we knew. The girls all had gardening gloves and were ready to start their day. We all agreed we wanted to go to the Back Bay again in the summer so we could go hike and explore when we had more time.
Once it was time to start working on our badge, we all gathered in this area. First we got to have muffins. They were good. Then the older Girl Scouts told us we were going to be doing several things. We would plant, see a movie, learn about the bay and the fish that live there. We would make art out of trash, learn about ways to recycle and save our Earth, do a scavenger hunt and also have lunch.
One of the ladies that worked at the Back Bay went over all the different kinds of plants we had to plant. They were going in the Butterfly Garden area.
Each girl picked out the plant they wanted.
Then they found the place in the Butterfly garden that they wanted to plant it.
All the girls learned how to use a shovel the proper way.
They learned that when you step on it and use your body weight, it works better.
The ground wasn't real easy to dig into. It was fairly dry and hard. Yet, they were able to dig down deep enough without to much effort.
They learned how deep each plant needed to be. How to cover up the roots and pack down the soil so air does not kill off the plant.
It was nice to see the girls out in Nature and helping to plant these bushes to attract butterflies for years to come.
It was hard work. They planted several plants each and even had to carry the buckets of water all up hill so they could water their plants.
Brittnee was the first one to come across a worm. While creepy and ugly, worms are good for the soil and help the plants to grow. So, back into the dirt, this guy went.
The girls then decided to move down the hill closer to the Butterfly garden sign. That way they would be able to come back later and find the plants they had planted.
Rather then each planting a separate plant down there, they wanted to plant it as a Troop.
Together they all dug the hole, planted the plant and watered it.
I really loved that they wanted to do it together and have it be "the troop" plant, rather then their own.
Once everyone was done planting, we all gathered again. We were split up into smaller groups and each group was assigned an older Girl Scout to lead them.
Our group went to watch a movie.
It was about the birds that come to the Back Bay and how the different seasons bring different birds.
When the movie was over, they learned about Diane Mac Eachern and how she helped the Earth. She is an author of several books and teaches women how to become more energy efficient and how to avoid toxic chemicals so they can become more green.
During our day, we spotted a few wild animals. This little guy was so cute and was running around by us for a long time.
It was then time to make "trash art". The girls had to use different items of trash and turn it into a work of art.
After the craft was finished we went back inside and explored around. There we saw snakes.
Even a skeleton of a snake. This was a first for me as well as the girls.
They got to see the different fish that could be found out in the bay. Some were rather funny looking.
Everyone also decorated bags that were going to be delivered to Trader Joe's and given to their customers to use.

They asked the girls to come up with a saying to put on the bags. Our girls picked DON'T ABUSE, REUSE!
There were other stations inside that they learned a lot more about the bay and how to protect it.
Once we finished up inside, we waited outside for the other girls to finish up too. The girls enjoyed just looking at the view.
They were even able to get a closer view if they wanted.
It was pretty with all the lush green color and then the bay in the distance.'
It was then time for lunch.
We had salad, fruit, pizza, cookies and water.
After lunch was over we all gathered again and found out we were going to do a scavenger hunt.
The girls had to work alone. No teams this time. They ran around, quickly trying to find the answers to all the questions.
When the time was up, everyone gathered around outside and corrected their papers.
We then took a group photo and it was time to say good bye. Everyone did get a goodie bag and we all thanked the girl who planned this whole day.
Everyone left. But, we wanted to stay and go back inside for a little while longer. The girls didn't want to leave. They were having to much fun. How great is that! They were learning and yet they thought it was so fun they didn't want to leave. Finally, we had to head home. In the car we talked about what all we learned and what a great time we had. It was great to be outside and share time together. Plus, they all earned their Eco Action badge.

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