Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As always we started out with the Pledge of Allegiance and then the Girl Scout Promise.

This was going to be Trinity's last day to be my assistant. She picked Brittnee to be next month's assistant leader.

Tuppence joined our troop. It was her first get together with us. She is Nikki's cousin and will be with us until the end of the school year.

Sadly, she doesn't live here. She lives in Washington state. She is going to finish up the school year at Perry and while she is here, we are pleased to have her as our newest member.

Welcome Tuppence!

Tuppence gave her first Girl Scout Promise.

The other girls already knew her from school so she fit right in.

We handed out the badges and patches to those that earned them. Talked about upcoming outings.

Then we started to work on scrapbooks. This is a project that is not only fun and can be kept forever, but, it's also a requirement to earn our Star badge.

Originally I was going to make the girls all a scrapbook for their end of the year gift. However, when I found out they needed to do one for their project under the Star Sign, I thought perhaps we could do it as a joint effort.

I was going to have them put the papers in the book, I was going to add the photos and then give the books back for them to embellish.

But, they voted to do the whole thing themselves. So, I'll be printing out some photos and bringing them in for the girls to do at another meeting.

Trinity was the first girl in our Troop to earn her Junior Leadership Award! This is a requirement for earning the Bronze Award.

Way to go Trinity! You were a fantastic assistant leader. You were a great help and never once complained about all the extra work you had to do. Thank you so much!

Each girl will be taking her turn at being my assistant for a month in order for her to earn her Leadership Award also.

Tuppence said she had a good time at her first Girl Scout meeting and was very happy to be part of our troop.

The girls all told her about some of the things we have already done in Girl Scouts and then we talked about the fun things we have coming up.

Like always we shared in some laughs at our meetings. The girls really love doing crafts of any kind so scrap-booking was right up their alley.

The girls were all excited about getting to go to the beach later in the week to learn how to build a fire, cook over an open flame and make knots.

They are all looking forward to going camping. As for me...well, I'm praying my old body will hold up for the weekend.

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