Friday, January 11, 2013


 We have been working hard to finish up the MeDia journey.  We have taken months to get through it and this was going to be the final projected needed to finish it up.

The girl each had to write out a screen play and then hold auditions for the parts.  Once they picked their "actors" they had to film their movie.

Each girl was also given my camera and was told to photograph the audition.  However, they got so busy that only Trinity remembered to do it and these are those photos.

I took the one above and below of her holding the auditions before I handed over the camera to her.

 She had the girls read for the parts they wanted.  Then she determined who would be best for each part written.

 After it was determined who had which parts, they all rehearsed until she was ready to start filming.

Once her "movie" was done, she yelled "CUT" and then watched it over to decide if she needed to redo any parts.

At first, the girls would laugh and giggle, but, then they got into it and would say the lines as if they were really filming a movie.

Once the movie passed the "director"s" satisfaction it was "A TAKE" and then the process started over with the other girls.

It took us two more meetings to finish up to where all the girls got to hold the auditions, pick their actors, go through the rehearsal and then film their movie.

I think they all did a super job and of course, the girls in our troop are such fun and out going young girls that they had no problems hamming it up for the camera.

This project finished up the journey for them.  This is an important step because they need to do this in order to get their Silver Award. 

After working so hard, we took the rest of the year to just do fun stuff.  In 2013 we will be back to working hard earning badges, doing community service, selling cookies and learning lots of new stuff.

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