Friday, January 11, 2013


During Dec. we didn't do much but have fun.  The girls had been working hard on their Journey and so taking a month off to just bond and have a good time sounded like a good idea.

We went to San Juan Capistrano one night.  They were having a big celebration downtown.

In the town square, we enjoyed dinner and then watched a Christmas show with dancers, singers and Mr. and Mrs. Santa!

When that was over they had the tree lighting ceremony.  It was beautiful!

 They had some little booths set up with vendors selling different things.  We walked around and checked them out.

They we walked past the train tracks.  The buildings were decorated and people were walking all over.  They had many things to do there.

They had free train rides, the Mission was open and had crafts, tours and Santa there. 

They had hay rides being pulled by Santa and bears too.

The girls all wanted to go to Zoomars to watch the Living Nativity Play.

After spending a few hours in San Juan the girls asked if we could go to Nellie Gail to a house that is all decorated for Christmas.

We had stopped by there the night before but it wasn't open and the girls really wanted to see it.  So, off we went.

We were all happy that the house was open for the tour when we got there.

It had to be most decorated house I've ever seen. 

It started several years ago when the husband decided to put up lots of lights outside and set it to "dance" to music. 

The wife decorated the inside with all her collections she had. 

Once it was all finished the husband and his mother sat up chairs outside to watch the light show while they enjoyed sipping on hot cider and eating cookies.

Soon, neighbors started stopping by to watch the show with them.  The husband went inside and brought them out cider and cookies too.

The mother then invited the neighbors inside to see how her daughter in law decorated the inside.

The word got out about how beautiful this home was and each year since then, more and more people started to show up.

The couple thought they would still provide hot cider and cookies to anyone that wanted it.  They were thrilled to be able to share a place where families, friends and neighbors could come enjoy some Christmas cheer for free.

The news papers and TV stations somehow heard about this home and once that information got out, crowds started to come from all over the Country just to see this home.

It really is a fun place to go and even though the houses are million dollar homes, it has a small town feel to it as you walk up and everyone starts chatting with you. 

People were taking lots of photos.  Many were going to use them as their Christmas Card photos. 

We all had fun looking at everything and seeing how there were so many fun ideas we could do at our own homes.  Little details were everywhere.

It's a place where you could go nightly and every time see something you had missed before. 

We even joined in with the tradition of drinking hot cider and eating cookies as we watched the light show outside.

We all agreed we loved going here and wanted to go back next year.

We really enjoyed the night and everyone said they were all in the Christmas spirit because of it.

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