Thursday, January 10, 2013


I know I've been behind in getting our posts up from all the outings we have been doing but I'm now trying to catch up.  So that is why some of these posts seem to be things we did months ago.

We are always looking for ways to help out and bring joy to our community.  We came up with this idea and have decided it may be one we do every year.

We decided to go around to the voting polls and thank the poll workers.

We bagged up tons of cookies in cello bags that had stars on them.  Then we tied them up with a ribbon and added a little note card thanking them for their work at the polls.  A flag sticker added to the card was a fitting touch.

We then went around and quietly went in to the voting polls.  We asked if it would be ok if we handed out cookies and bottled water to the workers.  They were thrilled to see us and invited us in.

They even had the girls pose for a photo.  They said they had never had anyone come by before doing this and was so excited that the girls took their time to brighten their nights.

Here the girls are with the first set of workers they delivered their treats to.

The next location we went to went crazy when they heard what the girls had stopped by for.

This guy was so happy and thankful that they came around the tables just to take a picture with Nikki and thank her for "making his night".

The guy Verenice handed her treats to got really excited because he was hungry and didn't have any way of getting a snack.

This man was so touched when Trinity handed him the water and cookies that he tracked down our troop and some how got my phone number and called me to to get our address so he could send a thank you note.

The girls were happy when the note actually came and I shared it with them.

When we got back to our meeting location, we had some bags of cookies and water left over.  The girls were hoping they got to have the "left overs".

Of course they could!

The quickly opened the bags and got the cookies out.

Picked out their favorite kind...

Opened up the water bottles...

Then started to chow down.

They enjoyed each and every bite and finished them all off.  They deserved it.  They did a great job and made many people happy.

So, the next time the polls are open to vote, don't forget to at least say thank you to the workers.  Without them we would not be able to vote like we do.

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