Monday, January 14, 2013


After practicing for weeks, the girls were ready to go out into the neighborhood and bring some Christmas cheer to everyone.

The girls went out knocking on doors and singing Christmas carols. 
We went to different streets then we did last year.  This year, everyone was super excited when the girls sang to them. 

Many opened the door and called their family to come listen too.  Many of the homes offered to give the girls things like hot chocolate, candy and even money.

They told them "no thank you" and explained they just wanted to bring some Christmas joy to everyone and was not collecting anything.

One elderly lady pleaded with them to take some candy and after saying no a few times I told them it was OK to accept her offer.

Another house demanded the girl take her money.  She said she was a girl scout when she was their age and she remembered how fun it was to get money when they went out caroling.  Again, after telling her no it was not what they were doing, and her insisting they accept the money, they took it and agreed to put in the troop funds.

It was so fun to see all the reactions to the girls singing to them.  Some people would sing along, some even danced.  Everyone was a little bit happier then before they answered the door. 

Most people said they were so happy to see the girls carrying on an old tradition that has all but died out.  We promised to keep spreading the cheer every year we were together.

I'm not sure who was more happy about our outing, the people who got a visit from them or the girls.

I do know that there were lots of smiles that night and our time was over much faster then anyone was ready for it to be.

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