Friday, January 11, 2013


The girls love to cook and bake so this night was a fun treat for them.

We made little mini pies that were shaped like hearts.

Some were turned into pie "suckers" by placing a stick in between the layers of crust. 

The girls each made three pies, so they could eat one warm and then take the others home for later or to share.

They got to pick what flavors to make.  They could pick from cherry, peach or apple. 

Not only do the girls learn to cook and bake things but, they also learn to clean up their mess and put everything away.

I think it's good to teach the girls how to take care of the home.  So many young people don't learn these things and when they move out they are lost.

We used to learn stuff like this at school in our Home Economics classes.   Sadly, schools don't offer these classes any more.

While our pies baked, the girls took the time to practice singing the Christmas songs they were going to sing when they went out caroling.  They did a great job!  Nice and loud and no shy girls this year.

Soon the timer went off and the pies were ready.

They all came out perfect!

They used cookie cutters to get the heart shape and then used a smaller one to put a little heart on top as decoration.  Very cute!

Raw sugar was also sprinkled on top so they sparkled too.

While I didn't get eat one, I hear they tasted great! 

The girls had fun and really enjoyed how they came out.


  1. They were really good, it tasted like an actual pie soooo yummy :)

  2. They were really good, it tasted like an actual pie soooo yummy :)