Friday, July 27, 2012


The morning of our last day in San Francisco came all to fast. 

We got up, got dressed and finished packing.  Checked the room and then checked it again.  We didn't want anyone to leave anything behind.

Then it was time to go.  We said good bye to our hotel, got in our car and headed for breakfast.

We went back to Fisherman's wharf and enjoyed a hearty breakfast to start our day.

After our tummy's were full, the girls asked if they could do some last minute shopping.  What could I say?  It was their trip and shopping was what they wanted to do.
They picked up some last minute items.  While Nikki looks darling with her mustache bling bling, she didn't buy this.  Thank goodness.

Once place they just "had to go back to", was the candy shop.  Seems they ate everything they purchased already and wanted some to nibble on while we were on the plane home.

Michelle bought a package of jelly bellies to share.  However, these were not the normal tasty jelly bellies we all love.  They were a mix of rotten flavors (things like moldy cheese and bugs) and good flavors.  Let me warn you though, the "good" flavors still were not good.

She made us all try several of them.  Nine out of 10 times the flavor was the yucky ones. 

I think Trinity's face explains how they tasted.  However, as bad as they were (no words can describe how bad they were) we all had a lot of laughs.  It was very funny when someone else got the yucky flavors.  Not so funny when it was you that got it. 

OK it was even funny then. 

After we all had our fill of the shopping and fun candy treats, we walked down the street and came across the old Cannery building. 

It was tempting to stop in Ben and Jerry's for a cone.

But, we were able to stay strong.  After all, we were headed to something even better!

We made our way to Hyde Park.  Across the street there were fun street vendors.  Liz wanted to get her portrait done.  She was happy to find it was only $1.99.  Much less then the other places we came across.

While Liz was posing, we all waited for her.

Finally, we saw it!  Off in the distant the big sign.  Calling our name.  Ghirardelli! 

We picked up our pace, climbed the stairs, made the turns and then soon, we were there.
We made a super fast stop for a photo at the water fountain and then we practically ran over to where the heavenly smell was coming from.

I'm not sure but I think I heard angels singing as we got closer.  I know I heard happy girls being excited about what they were going to order.

Everyone picked out what seemed like it was the best thing on the menu.  Since they all ate everything I think they made good choices. 

With a sugar high going on, we made our way back to Hyde park to run around a little and enjoy the sunshine.

Then they crashed!  They couldn't go on any more.  They conked out.  Ya right!  These girls never got to tired to have more fun.  They are just so silly and always looking to make us laugh. 

As we were going back to the car, we had one more stop at a vendor selling bracelets with names on them.  You could get any color you wanted and any name you could think of.  A few of the girls bought them. 

We got back in the car and I had one more stop I wanted the girls to see before we headed to the airport.

On the way we passed some lovely "painted ladies".  Don't you just love the colors these houses are!

Our last stop was at The Golden Gate Park.  This park is so big.  It's even bigger then Central Park in New York.  So much to see and do.

We came across a super large windmill.  It was so big I couldn't get a picture of it.

We saw beautiful gardens. 

Over in the Japanese Garden we saw a bridge and the girls quickly reminded me they were on their Bridging trip so they ran over and cross this bridge.  We had lost count on how many bridges they cross on this trip.

We then made our way over to the kids play area.  Here they have the old antique Merry Go Round. 

They also have the first Public Children's Playground in the United States.

So of course they had to spend a little time there playing.  After all how many people can say they have been to the first playground in the Unite States?  OK, since it's here in Golden Gate Park and there are thousands of people who go here every year, I'm sure a lot of people can.  But, our girls are now included in that group.

They climbed up to the sky.  By the way, isn't the sky a pretty blue?  Such clean air!

They slid down the slide.  You used a piece of cardboard to sit on as you go down the wavy concrete slide.  How fun!

They played in the sand.

They held on and flew across the bars.

Then they did it all over again and again. 

What seemed like a blink of an eye, it was time to go.  We had a plane to catch.  In fact, we had spent a little to much time having fun at the park.  I was a tad bit worried we were going to be late.

But, we were closer to the airport then we thought so we were on time.  We checked in only to be told our flight was delayed.  We had to wait a few hours. 

We used that time to go have pizza for dinner.  Then we went to our gate and used the extra time we had to start working on our Journey we had to do as one of the requirements to get their Silver Awards down the line.

By the time we made it home, it was late and we were tired.  We all said good bye and found our ways home.

The trip was a blast.  Everyone got along so good.  Lots of memories were made and we all agreed it was worth every minute of hard work to sell the cookies and the other fund raisers we did in order to go. 

We are already planning our troop trip for next summer.  The girls all want to go on a cruise.  So it looks like we will be going to Alaska in 2013.