Thursday, July 19, 2012


We had a fun time at the Fiesta Days.  Our day started out playing games like they played 100 years ago. 

Funny how with all the toys, electronics and everything that kids have today, they really had fun playing with sticks and rings that kids had back then.

We then headed over the area where they were taught how to weave.   They were able to make baskets just like they did years ago. 

They girls LOVED doing this.  They were able to take a few reeds, that really looked like nothing more then thin sticks, and turn them into an actual basket that could be used.

They learned how to fold the reeds so it would curve upwards to form the basket rather then a plate.  Dipping them in water when they were starting to dry out.

I wasn't sure how the baskets would turn out.  After all, this was the first time the girls did any weaving. 

I was surprised at how nice they all turned out.  I think the girls were all very excited at how nice they turned out too.

Look how great Diana's basket came out.  Looks super!

Even though they were all made with the same instructions and tools, they all looked different from each others.

It depended on how tight the weaving was done as to how they looked.

Skylar's came out very nice.

They were able to even make them two different colors.  Here, Verenice is showing how the top was done.  She was able to bend them down to form loops on the top and then cut off the excess.
Here you can see her finished basket.  So pretty!

Nikki's came out so cute.

Trinity did her basket really tight and it curved really beautiful.  It almost looked like a ball.  The lady said it looked very professional and the shape she got was hard to do.

It was then time to go learn how to make pillar candles.  Dip, dip and dip again.  It takes a long time to make a candle.

They got to pan for gold.  They really enjoyed doing this.  I think they all were hoping they would be the one to strike it rich and find a huge gold nugget.

Sadly, none of them went home any richer then they came there.  They did find a few tiny specks of gold or at least something that looked like gold.

They tried their hand at make arrowheads.  It's not as easy at it seems to grind them and polish them properly.  It takes a lot of time and talent to get the right size and shape.

Nikki was happy to show off her treasure from panning for gold.

Diana is over at the jewelry section make herself a pretty necklace. 

Trinity couldn't pass up the chance to add some fun jewelry to her collection either.

Of course, everyone knows, our troop is full of girls who love to shop.  So, when we came across things they could buy, they just had to stop and get a few things to take home.

After shopping we came across a lady who called them over to make candles from bee's wax.  Much easier then the taper candles.

It was then time to go into the old school house. 

I think it's so funny how all the girls said they wished their school was like this one from more then 100 years ago.

They really liked the old desks and how all grades would be in the same class room. 

While we were in there we were treated to a group of men and women who danced for us.  It was fun to watch.

When we were eating lunch, the girls saw face painting going on and quickly ran over to get their face painted.  Skylar didn't want to have her face paint so of course she didn't have to.

Our next station we came across was how to make tissue paper flowers. 

We all agreed these were pretty and would be great to do to decorate a party with.

Here they are showing their flowers and painted faces.  Don't you just love it!
Even though most of the girls have made butter before, they all wanted to do it again. 

They liked to crack the handle and watch the cream being whipped around inside the jar as it turned to butter.   Plus, then they got to eat some freshly made butter on crackers. 

A few of them went back for 2nds and 3rds because they thought it was so good.

Some of the girls wanted to make adobe bricks.  Some of the girls didn't want to get their hands dirty so they skipped this.

Another craft awaited those who wanted to try their hand it.

By this time, the girls (and adults) were getting pretty tired and everyone was talking about heading home. 
That was until we spotted the horse rides!  We quickly changed our plans so the girls could all get to ride on the horses.

We lucked out because there wasn't any line when we got there.  The horses were sort of tucked away in the corner and was easily missed by many people walking by.

Even though the girls really, really enjoyed getting to ride the horses, I think I had more fun watching them. 

They all had such big smiles and I got tickled watching them all having such a great time.

Some have been on horses several times but some it was a first for.    Yet, it didn't seem to matter because they had just as much fun as the next getting their turn to ride.

There were giggles and laughter coming from each girl as they took their turn.  Though none of them thought the ride was long enough (could it ever be) they still said it was the best thing of the day.

After they got to ride the beautiful horses, it was time to go home.  Everyone was tired but all agreed it was a great day and was very happy with everything they got to do.