Friday, July 20, 2012


All the girls in troop 746 LOVE tortillas.  Yet, most have never had fresh home made ones. 

Yalil, was nice enough to teach everyone how to make them.  Who knew they were so simple to make?  Just a little masa, water and salt and in no time, you have the best tasting tortillas you have ever had!

First, Yalil made the dough and then showed how to turn into a tortilla. 

Each girl was given her own dough to roll into a ball.

They took turns flattening out their balls of dough in the tortilla maker that Yalil brought with her.

It was explained to us to put the dough between layers of plastic (or use a plastic bag) so the dough didn't stick once it was flattened out.

Not one tortilla stuck by doing it this way.  Each little ball of dough turned into a perfect tortilla every time.

Soon, the whole kitchen was buzz with all the girls making lots of tortillas.  Some were rolling, some were flattening, some were frying.  All were having a blast.

We all ate tortillas until our hearts desires were full.

Then, even though we were full, we found room for one more!

Some liked them plain but, most liked them spiced up with some nice spicy salsa.

The girls all love to cook, eat and even have fun cleaning up.  It won't be the last time we spend time in the kitchen, that's for sure!