Monday, July 30, 2012


This year the theme of the Day Camp was IT'S EASY BEING GREEN!

Girl scouts are always doing their part in recycling and helping the plant so this was a great theme!

This year we had four of our girls go to Day Camp.  Verenice, Diana, Trinity and Nikki.

They were all in the same Unit.  Turned out they loved their camp counselors and everyone in the unit got along great!

Everyone got t-shirts and got to color them.  So, even though everyone had the same shirts, they all looked different.  It was fun looking out and seeing a sea of girls all in the brightly colored shirts.

They learned a lot of camp songs.  Every morning and just before we left for the day, everyone got together and sang songs.  Some of them were really funny and made everyone laugh.

I'm not sure about the girls but every night I went home with silly songs stuck in my head.  I would go to bed singing them in my head and wake up with them still there.

Every morning, the girls would walk through the "Bridge of Silence".  Here a group of girls would hold up their arms and sing a song.  As the other girls walked under, they were no longer allowed to talk.

Once everyone was through, all the girls gathered around,  and without making a sound, stood around the flag pole.  The color guard would bring the flag out, rise it up the pole and everyone would do the flag salute and then say the Girl Scout promise.

They would then go back under the "Bride of Silence" and was able to talk once again.

I think the thing the girls loved most was making lanyards.  That is what they all wanted to do, every day and even when they went home they would make them.  Some even went to the store to buy their own supplies to make them at home.

They played different games every day but this one cracked me up.  They would try to knock each other down as they ran and slammed, pushed and bumped into each other.

I think these things are a great way for kids (and adults) to work out a disagreement with someone.  You can't help but laugh before someone is knocked down and no one really gets hurt at all. 
They did tons of crafts, joked around, ate snacks and lunch as well as made new friends and shared in lots of laughs.

Every day, each girl told me how much fun they had.

The girls loved getting to spend one on one time with the older girls (counselors) and they all want to go back to camp to be counselors too. 

Next year, our older girls (Cadettes) will be able to do so and are really looking forward to it.

It's always fun to be able to sit back and watch the girls all mingle together and have fun.  This is what girl scouts is all about.

I wonder what next years theme will be.