Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Wild Rivers has closed it doors to the General Public but they held a Rubber Ducky event to help raise funds for children in need.  So, we joined in the fun.

It turned out that the weather man was good to us and provided sun which was perfect for a day of playing in the water.

Our girls are like human fish and they adore being in the water. 

They also have no fear when it comes to going on the big rides.

I don't think Wild River heats the water on any of the rides or pools but no one seemed to mind.  They jumped right in without any hesitation.

The wave pool was a big hit with our girls.  They could have hung out there all day and been happy.

The cracked me up as I watched them.  Bobbing around like little rubber ducks themselves.

There was seven minutes of calm water followed by seven minutes of wild waves to play around in.

The colors were very pretty.  The sparkling blue water had lots of bright yellow inter tubes floating on top.

Inside all those yellow inter tubes were big smiles.

I have to admit, after standing in the sun for awhile, it got hot out and that pool sure did look refreshing.  Even I wanted to jump in. 

We kept asking the girls if they wanted to get out and go on another ride, but they wanted to stay here.  So, they did.  At least until it was time to move on for the Rubber Ducky contest and lunch.

I mean really, how could you make five happy girls stop having so much fun?  Well, you can't.  It was a day for them to have fun and a day for them to get to enjoy whatever rides they wanted to go on. 

They picked what and when they did something.

Even when it was time for the Rubber Ducky race, the girls found another pool right there with a big waterfall to play in.

It was finally time for the Rubber Ducky Race.  Everyone was given a number and that number was written down under the rubber ducky.  Then they were all released into the water and swam down the lazy river to the finish line.

We didn't win any of the prizes but that's ok.  We were still having a blast.

We stopped to eat lunch and then the girls quickly got back to having fun.  Racing down on the big water slide. 

The lines to get on the rides were not really that bad.  They seemed to move along pretty fast.

They came splashing through the water after riding through the dark tunnels that twist and turn.

I had fun watching everyone trying to get out of the inner tubes.

Since they all got off the ride laughing I guess that meant they had fun.  We did see one girl in her 20's that got off and started crying because she was so scared.  But, not our girls!  They had a great time!

More splish splashing went on.  These girls had never ending energy!

I really do wonder how they do it.  Oh to be young again and be able to go and go and never get tired.

They even took a few minutes to play in the kiddie pool area. 

As long as they were in the water, they were happy.

But, sadly, our time was up.  The park was closing and we had to pack up and leave. 

We had fun.  It was also nice to know we were part of the final group that got to enjoy the park before it closed up for good. 

However, they say, they are going to rebuild the new Wild Rivers over at the Irvine Great Park and it will be open in 2013.  So, who knows, maybe we will part of the first group that goes there.