Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Our troop hosted it first Service Unit Event.  It was Friendship Skate Night.  It turned out great!

When we walked in and I saw all the skates lined up waiting to be put on feet in order to carry everyone around and around on the rink, it sure brought back a lot of childhood memories for me. 

The girls all said how excited they were and how they had been waiting for this night. 

This event was open to all friends and families of Girl Scouts in our Service Unit.  However, it was really meant to bring girls who may be interested in joining Girl Scouts.

I was happy to see the girls in our troop asked some friends to come and join us. 

I sure hope some, if not all of them, join our troop.  It would be nice to have a few more girls in our troop.

I loved seeing our girls all wearing the same pink Junior Girl scout shirt.  They looked like a troop even though they were not in uniform and it was easy to find them in the crowd.

Soon, it was time for the skating area to open up and the music started to play.  Our girls got right out there and started to skate.

At first the area was pretty empty.  There were still lots of people coming in and getting their skates on. 

So, the girls had a little time to warm up and get the feel of being back in skates again.

I was really surprised that more kids didn't wear in line skates.  I guess roller skates just never really go out of style.

I had a blast watching the girls as they went around and around.  Hearing them laugh and seeing the big smiles they had made my night.
They had a wonderful time.  Plus, don't tell them, but, it's great exercise for them too.

All the girls were so well behaved.  I was once again proud of them.  They showed others how to act towards each other and to respect the place we were at.  True girl scouts!

All that skating sure makes you work up a hearty appetite.

The girls figured out that if they share drinks, they can make their money go further.

I thought it was super that even some of the girls families joined in the fun.

I had several leaders come up to me and tell me this was the best Friendship Skate they had ever gone to.  How nice!

There were 237 kids that came.  Not sure how many adults but the place was packed.

They did have times they would clear the area and only allow certain groups/ages out to skate.  That made it nicer as it wasn't so crowed out there. 

To be honest though, I don't think it mattered to the girls how packed it was.  They had a blast and really, that was all that mattered.

Good friends, good times and now good memories!