Saturday, October 15, 2011


Today, we got not one, not two but THREE new girls!  How exciting.

All three new girls are in 4th grade and they all knew each other.  Most of them knew all the other girls in our Troop too.  It's nice that they all go to the same school.

Skylar is a darling blond girl who is soft spoken and very sweet.  Diana is a lovely and friendly girl and Cailyn is a beautiful girl with a big smile.  All three seemed to be somewhat shy but I have no doubt that after a few meetings they will come out of their shell more. 

They all joined in as we said the Pledge of Allegiance and Girl Scout Promise.   It was so sweet to see them saying the Girl Scout Promise (or at least trying to follow along) for the first time.  Soon they will be able to say it without a 2nd thought.

We are working on getting our Looking Your Best badge.

One of the requirements is to go around in a circle and give each other an honest complement to the person who's turn it is.  That person listens to everyone and then they move on to the next girl.

One thing the girls learned was it can sometimes be uncomfortable to get compliments.  They tend to get embarrassed by the attention that was placed on them. 

They also learned, that you really don't have to know someone in order to give them a compliment.  It can be as simple as telling someone how pretty their hair is or how you like what they are wearing.

This week the girls were going to give one stranger a day a compliment.  This could be at school to one of the students they don't know or even while standing in a line somewhere with their parents.

They discussed how getting a compliment is nice and makes you feel good.  So as girl scouts they want to bring smiles to peoples lives and that is why they will give out the compliments this week.

The girls also voted on different types of community service they wanted to work on this year.  One of the things they wanted to do was to color/draw pictures for Color A Smile.
They are a group that delivers meals to needy and sick people.  They used the pictures that are colored on the trays so they can bring a smile to someone who is in need.

We spent some time tonight working on this project.  The girls each colored/drew three pictures.  They turned them back into to and I'm going to mail them off to Color A Smile so they can use them when they deliver their meals.

They girls were all so creative in their drawings.

Each one put a smile on my face so I'm sure the person who gets these on their trays will smile too.

The girls are allowed to only put their first name and how old they are on the pages.  I think that is a great way to protect the children who participate in this.

We also talked about several other things the girls want to do this year.  One of them is going to the senior center and singing Christmas songs and playing BINGO with them.

These girls are so kind hearted that everything that was suggested to do for community service hours, they wanted to do.

We could only do community service and I think these girls would be happy.  Such givers.

But, we will also be doing lots more fun things and learning lots of new things too.  Like next week, we are having a Spa Night at our meeting. 

The girls will learn how to take care of their face, nails, feet and hair. Plus, they will get to be pampered too. They are looking forward to this.

I really do enjoy spending time with this group of girls.  It doesn't matter how tired or down I may be when I walk in there, they always make me happy. 

It really is an honor to be their leader.