Sunday, October 16, 2011


Welcome to our first ever, Troop Garage Sale!  Look at how bright eyed and bushy tailed these girls are!

I have to admit, I wasn't sure how well the girls were going to do at a Garage Sale because they had to get up so early.  But, they did great!!! 

They helped set up, straighten up, help customers, put up signs and all around did a wonderful job.
It was nice to see the girls all getting along and bonding too.

Skylar had fun playing with the Littlest Pet shop figures.

Jesse had a blast dressing up in some of the clothes that were for sale.

Elizabeth and Diana had fun sorting through all the toys.

We had  full stream of customers but the morning was super busy! 

Trinity showed up a little later as she was out the night before until 1:00am and needed to sleep in a little bit later.  She is the only one who has made it to every meeting, every field trip and every community service for the whole year, so everyone agreed it was fine for her come a bit later.

I didn't notice until I got home that I didn't capture one photo of the whole troop together.  One girl was always missing for some reason. 

We did have our Troop sign up so everyone knew we were a Girl Scout Troop and the money they spent was going towards a good cause. 

We even had a few people, let us keep the change or they said they would pay more for what they bought "Because it was going to Girl Scouts".   How nice.

Diana had fun spending time with the girls and she did a super job of helping the customers.  The girls also had fun wearing the sparkly hats.

There were a lot of smiles and laughing that went on too.

When we had some slower times, the girls got to play with the stuff that was for sale.  In the end, some of the stuff for sale, ended up going home with girls.

The girls all took turns holding up the signs so traffic would stop and come shop.  It worked too!

These girls LOVE stuffed animals.  Even though they donated some of their own to be sold, they all found new ones to love. 

I loved seeing new friendship being made as the day went on.

More play time.

By far, this was every one's favorite customer of the day.  The girls had a blast finding doll clothes that fit this little girl. 

They got to hold her and all had a great laugh watching her go home with a few new outfits to wear.

Everyone worked up a hearty appetite and Sara (Nikki's mom) was so kind, she went and bought pizza and drinks for everyone.  Thanks Sara!

After lunch, everyone was tired.  We sold everything for 25 cents.  We had a goal in mind of making $300.  Everyone agreed that as soon as we hit that, we would pack up.

Thanks to Maureen (Trinity's grandma) who just gave us the last $6.00, we were able to pack everything up and close up early.

We ended up making $300.50.  Not bad for one weekend morning!  Again, I was proud of the girls.  They did a great job.

Thanks to all the parents and grandparents that donated and helpped out too.  Without you guys, we couldn't have done this.  Thank you!