Sunday, February 6, 2011


We started to work on our Pet Care Badge. This is a fun one because all the girls love animals and they all have pets.

This is one of the badges we will be using as part of our Bronze Award program too. So, this is going to be very important that the girls complete all parts to this badge.

They will have some homework on this badge as they need to take care of their pets at home and keep track of the information.

We also finished up working on our Cookie Connection badge.

During our meeting each girl got a box of cookies and was shown where to find the ingredients, calories and portion sizes.

We talked about which cookies were the lowest in calories and found out that even though some of the cookies sounded better, once you figured out the portion sizes of the cookies, often the higher calories cookies were actually lower because you got more cookies in your serving.

The girls then thought about what they wanted to do on their posters for our up coming Cookie Booths.

They were told the posters had to say "Girl Scouts", "Cookies" and "$4.00 a box" somewhere on the poster.

Other then that, they could come up with whatever they wanted to put on the posters.

It seemed like puppies were a big draw on the posters. Three of the four girls drew a dog on her poster.

See, I told you these girls love animals.

They had fun making the posters and I think if we had more poster boards they all would have made more.

I will have to remember that for next year.

Haili got real detailed and drew her puppy with a Girl Scout uniform on and holding a plate of cookies. Cute!

I'm not sure but, I think Nikki really enjoys the Thin Mint Cookies the best. What do you think?

Great way to let customers know what flavor is a winner.

It's hard to read Trinity's poster in this picture but it shows a box of Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties (two of her favorite) and then a "mystery box" with the question "What kind will you buy" written on it.

Very clever idea!

Jesse made sure she got all the required words on the poster. Way to go!

She then added two puppies, giving the ol' puppy dog eyes to the customers.

Not sure what the cell phone means. Maybe it's to remind people to call home to see what kind of cookies they want.

Our first Cookie Booth Sale will be on Feb. 19th. This will be the first weekend Cookie Booths are allowed to be set up so we should do well at our sale!

Until then, keep those girls selling on their own. We are doing super and at the rate we are going we will blow last years sale out of the water. We will be doing this with two less girls too!

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