Sunday, February 20, 2011


The morning started out with rain. A chance that we may have to cancel our first cookie booth sale.

But then, the clouds blew away and the sun came out. Even if it was only for the two hours we held our booth sale. It was long enough for us.

We met at Albertsons and quickly set up our booths. One at each door.

Trinity at one booth.

Jesse at the other.

The greeted everyone with big smiles and asked the customers if they would be interested in buying some cookies.

Many stopped and picked up a box or two. Some acted like they didn't hear the question and just kept walking. Most people were very friendly though.

For those who didn't want to buy cookies for themselves, the girls explained they could donate to send cookies to our Military troops over seas.

As the cookies were sold, more cookies were brought out.

When asked what their favorite cookie was, Trinity said "Peanut Butter Patties couldn't be beat".

Jesse said "I love the new Shout Outs".

Our two hours went by quickly. We talked to a lot of people and sold a lot of cookies.

The time was over before we knew it. Though, not a moment to soon. As we packed up for the day, the heavens opened up and the rain came down in buckets.

Our first booth sale was a hit. We made a nice chunk of money for our Troop and for The Girl Scout Council.

Our next booth sale will be next weekend. They say it's going to rain then too. Sure hope we have the same luck and get a time that the rain stops.


  1. The booth looks absolutely great! I saw you have other blogs but I thought I would comment on this one. It's really late, so I'm going to browse tomorrow :) But we got the Troop T-shirts through JoyCrest Inc. Here is her email. She will send you an example and if you approve it, then they get to work on making them. Here's the rest of her might have bought patches through them??? Mary Valinotti. Joycrest, Inc. 909-947-0377
    Thanks for commenting on our troop blog. I would love to talk with other leaders to see how you all do things!!! :)

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