Saturday, February 26, 2011


Our Girl Scout family is growing. We just got two new girls joining our troop!

We are so excited to welcome Elizabeth into our Troop.

Elizabeth has joined us on a few of our outings and everyone enjoyed having her around. So, we were all thrilled when she finally officially joined our troop.

She is so full of life and fun. She is going to make a wonderful addition to our group.

Plus, Brittnee also joined today! How exciting is that!

Brittnee also joined us on other outings and everyone had a blast with her too. So, when she officially joined we were all over joyed to welcome her to our Troop.

Brittnee is a sweet, kind and funny girl that will bring a lot of joy to our Troop. Welcome Brittnee.

Since we had a Cookie Booth sale today both girls got to join us. It was their first cookie sale but you would never have known it.

Each new girl spent 1/2 the cookie sale with either Jesse or Trinity and then switched the other half.

By getting to spend some time with Trinity and Jesse they got to learn the ins and outs of Cookie Booth Sales.

When Trinity and Brittnee teamed up they made up a song and sang it to the customers. It turned out to be a big hit because a lot of people stopped to listen and smile at them and of course couldn't resist buying a few boxes of cookies from them.

Trinity was quick to tell everyone her favorite cookie was the peanut butter patties. I think those who were not sure what kinds of cookies to buy listened to her because they would always get at least one box of the peanut butter patties.

Jesse was good at asking the customers if they wanted to donate their change. This seemed to work well because more often then not they said yes! Way to go Jesse.

The girls have gotten really good at selling the cookies. They are not shy at all. They work on getting that up sale by reminding customers that since they have a $20 in their hand they could buy 5 boxes of cookies rather then the 4 they thought they wanted.

I'm so proud of our girls! They just keep working so hard and never complain about it. In fact, they all said they thought it was fun.

Of course it is. Anytime they get together with their Girl Scout sisters is fun!

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