Friday, February 11, 2011


Well it looks like our Girl Scout Troop is going to be growing! We have three new girls wanting to sign up.

So, we took them along with us to see the new Justin Bieber 3D movie.

We got to the movie early so we made a stop to For Goodness Cakes.

Then we spent some time outside having fun and the girls all tossed a coin into the fountain and made a wish. Some how I got the feeling they were all wishing for Justin Bieber to show up at the movie theater in person.

With a toss of the coin, wishes were made. Each taking a minute to wonder if their wish will ever really come true.

The girls then struck a few poses for the camera.

Why I do believe... there could be a few modeling contracts down the line.

I'm not sure but I think Jesse brought some Pet Shop animals and the girls played with them for a few minutes.

While others entertained themselves other ways.

Soon they were running around, giving rides to each other.

It's fun to have friends to play with.

They tried and tried to make a pyramid.

But, each time they ended up laughing and falling down.

So, they thought it would be better to play other games.

After playing around for awhile, the girls wanted to go shopping.

So many cute things were found.

Don't the girls look just darling! See, I told you they could be models.

We finally made our way into the movie theater but it was to early to go inside.

The girls didn't want to just sit around and wait. They all wanted to go to the arcade and play some games.

It was all smiles and laughter in there.

They had so much fun there that it was a little bit hard to get them out of there to line up for our movie.

The games quickly ended when they were reminded Justin Bieber was waiting for them.

With popcorn, candy and drinks in hand, the movie soon started. There he was!

Justin Bieber, singing his heart out. It was almost as if he was right there in the room with us.

The girls all rocked out and sang to his songs.
Everyone had a blast!
Once the movie was over, we took one last look at Justin and the girls flashed the "I love you" heart sign to him.

Sadly, the camera had a flash go off and the poster shows up with a glare.

However, I'm sure there will be six little girls dreaming about Justin singing to them tonight.

Baby, baby,baby...

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