Friday, January 14, 2011


The girls had a fun time as they earned their Theater Badge. We were sorry Haili didn't get to join us though.

We signed up for the Workshop that was being offered by Orange County Children's Theatre. It was lead by a Girl Scout Troop Leader so she knew just what was needed for the girls to earn their patches.

The girls got to go back stage. This was a first for the girls as normally no one but the cast and crew gets to go back stage.

They saw where the cast stands, just outside the view of the audience, how the curtains go up, how they communicate with the sound crew as well as all the other stuff that is done to make the show go on without a hitch.

The girls all listened carefully at what was said and learned that they could even get a degree in College that could help them get a job working behind the scenes.

We then moved even deeper backstage to where all the magic starts to happen.

Our first stop was to the Girls Dressing Room.

We were shown how the costumes wait in the Dressing Room for the girls to put on. Each outfit is marked with the name of person that will be wearing it.

The cast is responsible for taking care of the costumes and if anything is found on the floor and not hung up, they have to pay a $5.00 fine.

We then went into the room that costumes are made. We also learned that a lot of the costumes are found at thrift shops and garage sales.

The Prop area was next. Here we saw how the props are all laid out with the casts names. This way, they can quickly find what is needed next.

Many props also come from thrift stores, garage sales and some come from the cast members homes.

We were lucky enough to see one of the cast members getting her hair and make up done. This girl who is really 14 years old was made up to look like she was in her 60's.

Between the make up, wigs, costumes and stage lighting she really did look so much older then 14.

The girls were also told about some "theater" secretes. Things like, real money is not used. It's all fake. School books are made by taking a book and covering it with brown paper bags. Many little "tricks" are used to make the audience think they are seeing things that they really aren't.

After we finished up learning about the back stage stuff, we then were introduced to some of the cast.

They taught the girls the ins and outs of what it is like to act in a play.

They told the girls how they audition, get into character, how to go on when a mistake is made.

They talked to them about how much fun it is to be in a play and had them try out a few things themselves.

Things like, projecting their voices. They all stood up at the front of the auditorium and without using a mic they had to say something loud enough that the sound man in the back could hear and repeat back to them.

Each girl was given an emotion to act out and the other girls had to guess what it was.

Can you tell what Jesse's was? She was scared.

Trinity was told to act out being "smitten" with a boy. She had to act like she was flirting with him.

Nikki had to get the girls to guess she was sad and crying.

They all did a great job and everyone was able to tell what each girl was acting out without being told.

We took head shots of the girls. Just like the real cast had done and was on display in the lobby.

Since real head shots are in black and white so are the girls.

So, what do you think? Any future stars in our Troop?

We then finished up the night with watching the play Oklahoma. It was very good. We couldn't get over how good the cast was. Knowing that everyone was 8 years to 18 years made them even better.

So, another official patch was earned and will go on the front of their sash.

We all had fun but, the night didn't get over until after 10:00pm so everyone was tired and ready to get home.

I wonder if any of the girls went to sleep and dreamed about being a famous actress some day?

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