Sunday, January 23, 2011


Our last meeting was when we celebrated Trinity's 10th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Trinity!!!!

The girls had decided months ago that when one of the girls have a birthday, they would each bring a gift they picked out for her. It's just a token to show that the girls care about each other and want to make them smile on their special day.

Nikki picked out ear rings for Trinity.

Jesse got her a necklace. Both know Trinity is a girly girly that loves dressing up in sparkly things and looking pretty.

The girls get excited giving their gifts too. They enjoy being able to pick out something and seeing the smile on the face of the receiver.

Trinity really liked her gifts so she went over and gave hugs to thank the girls for thinking of her.

Giving gifts also helps the girls to learn that pleasure can be received from giving just as much as from getting.

It helps them to not be selfish and to think of others.

The birthday girl enjoys pies more then cakes or cupcakes so she requested a lemon pie for her special dessert.

Pie is not as easy to serve but, Trinity wanted to give it a shot so, she cut into the pie to get her slice.

I have to admit that I thought she would be taking a BIG slice. But, as you can see, she kept it small so she could make sure everyone got some. Great manners!

She looks pretty happy with being able to get that first slice out without having it break apart. Good job Trinity!

Of course the others wanted to try their hand at getting their own slice too. Cutting into the crust and getting it out was what proved to be the challenge of the night. I think when they hit the crust they thought they were at the pie tin.

Some of the girls had never had this kind of pie before. It seemed like the meringue was the part most of them liked the most.

Haili didn't want to try her hand at getting her own piece so, Michelle gave her a hand and showed her how it was done.

After presents were opened, Happy Birthday was sung and pie eaten, we worked a little bit on getting our Cookie Badge.

The girls were not really in the mood to do this we talked about manners, what they wanted to get out of Girl Scouts and what was expected of them as a Girl Scout.

The girls thought it was funny when Michelle was trying to get herself a piece of pie and she dropped it.

Oh my, what fun it would have been if they could have tossed a pie in someones face! I've always wanted to do that to someone.

The girls played around for a little bit and then the night was over.

We will work on our Cookie Badge next meeting. Plus, we have to make our signs for the Cookie Booths!

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