Saturday, January 22, 2011


This year our Christmas party theme was Gingerbread.

The goodie bags were lined up waiting for the girls to show up and enjoy what was inside.

Each girl got a felt bag that said "It's S'more Fun Together" and inside was everything to make their own s'mores.

They also got a bag that was shaped like a gingerbread house and inside there were several little gifts.

The table was set with the Gingerbread Theme.

Each place setting had a little different look to it. The plates and mugs had gingerbread men on them.

The napkin rings were also little gingerbread men.

In the center of the table was a cute little Gingerbread house and gingerbread man.

The chairs were covered with big Santa hats that had Gingerbread men on them. Everyone got to take their chair cover home.

The place card holder was a little gingerbread man holding the name of each person so they knew where to sit.

They got to take these home too.

Everyone was excited to get the party started!

We started with lunch first.

They had chicken, roasted potatoes, fruit salad, rolls and drinks.

For dessert there were cupcakes! YUM!

Everyone ate and drank until they were full.

Then it was time to decorate their own Gingerbread Houses.

The girls all voted and wanted to have Nikki's brother Chase come to share in the fun too. They said he was their mascot.

There was every color and shape of candy for them to use on their houses. I think they ate almost as much as they put on the houses. After all, it is...candy!

It was really fun watching them come up with their own ways to decorate their houses.

They all seemed to have a lot of fun creating their own one of a kind Gingerbread Houses.

I don't think anyone had decorated a gingerbread house before. But, they all said they would like to do it again next year too.

It was a little bit hard for them to get used to squeezing the icing out of the bag though. Yet, they all managed just fine.

There were a lot of smiles that day.

Plus, serious faces. It was as if they were caught up in a world of their own.

Some designs didn't work out as they planned but that was OK. They just came up with new and clever ways to make their houses lovely.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Everyone got an apron to wear that I made for them. They got to take them home too so they could use them again.

I'm not sure who had a better time, the kids or me as I watched them enjoying themselves.

Even Chase had a fun time. We were all happy he got to come and join in the fun.

Sometimes, the adults couldn't help but get in there and help decorate a little bit. Maybe next year we should have an adult table too. That could be fun.

I loved how every house looked so different from each other.

No one tried to copy each other and they didn't even try to copy the pictures on the box showing several decorated houses.

They each proudly showed off their masterpieces.

How could you not smile at each one. They were so cute.

I was, once again, proud of my girls for the work they did.

Look at that house. Doesn't that make you happy?

I hope they all loved their houses as much as I did.

After they finished up with the Gingerbread Houses, it was time to open up gifts.

I was so shocked each girl brought me a gift. I was so touched by that. I never expected it at all.

After they gave me my gifts, they opened up the gifts they bought each other.

Each girl drew a name of one of the other girls. They didn't tell each other who had their names. It wasn't until the day of the party that they found out.

Trinity got the Pillow Pet she had been wanting. Haili had her name.

Haili got the CD she put on her list. Nikki drew her name and bought her gift.

Haili was so excited that she gave Nikki the biggest hug to thank her for getting it for her.

Nikki got a Build A Bear that she adored. Jesse got it for her.

Jesse also got a Pillow Pet. Trinity had her name and she picked out the same one that Haili got her. They had no idea they were going to get the same one. But, both were thrilled.

They were all very happy and thankful for the gifts they got.

Finally, after much begging, the dogs got to come out and play. They had been locked up in the bedroom so they wouldn't bother the kids during the party. Though I don't think any of the kids would have felt it was a bother. They all love the dogs and wanted to play with them.

After playing awhile, everyone had to go home. Everyone had things to do and places to go. After all, it was Christmas time.

The day went by so fast. At least for me. I think everyone had a great time. I sure hope they did. I know I did.

After everyone left, Trinity was tired and very thankful her Grand Pa was there to hold her and listen to her tell him all about the fun she had.

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