Saturday, December 18, 2010


Trinity, Jesse and Nikki went to the Boys and Girls Club in Anaheim to serve dinner and hand out stuffed animals that they all donated.

Haili was unable to come and we missed having her with us.

Before we got there, all the girls had questions about the kids that were going to be there. They knew they were called "Motel Kids" but weren't really sure what that meant.

It was explained that these kids are really just like them and enjoy the same things they do. However, their parents had little or no money and they lived in Motels.

Often, they lived on the streets when their parents couldn't come up with money to even stay at the motels.

So, since they didn't have much money, the kids didn't have all the stuff they were used to having. Sometimes the only thing they eat during the day is the pasta dinner they get at the Boys and Girls Club.

When we got there we were shown around. All the kids were inside since it was raining.

The girls weren't really sure what to do or how to act around these kids. Yet, it wasn't long before some of the kids came up to the girls and asked them about their sashes and how they got all their patches. That broke the ice.

The girls quickly noticed these kids were just like them. Only they didn't have the "things" the girls often took for granted.

They learned most of the kids had never heard of Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, let alone had ever been in a Troop.

The girls joined in playing and made new friends.

They also saw how while these kids don't have a lot of "things" they do have friends and they do take care of each other.

After they played for about 1/2 hour it was time to go into the kitchen to serve up the pasta.

They took turns putting the pasta into cups, adding a fork and a bread roll.

When it was time to eat, the kids all came up to the counter. They were all hungry and for many, this would be the first time they got to eat that day. Yet, they were all calm and patient. They did not push or try to get to be first in line. They were just happy they were going to get to eat.

The girls really enjoyed serving the kids. With each cup of pasta they handed out they also handed out a candy cane reindeer we made. If you remember, we were going to go to the senior center and hand them out but, we just didn't have enough time to do it before Christmas.

It turned out that the kids were so excited to get the candy canes. I think it was meant for us to run out of time so these kids could have them.

The pasta is donated to the Motel Kids from The White House Restaurant in Anaheim. Every day they deliver enough pasta and bread to feed all the kids.

The owner of the restaurant has done this for years and years. However, with times being as they are, he started to run out of money as people were not going out to eat as often as before. He was not going to let that stop him from helping these kids out.

He took out a 2nd on his House and took out loans on his restaurant and so far, he has been able to keep up feeding all these kids.

What a wonderful heart this man has.

One thing we are also doing as a Troop is collecting pasta so we can deliver it to the restaurant hopefully by next month.

So, if you would like to help out, every time you go shopping, add an extra package or two to your shopping cart. Before long we will have a lot of pasta to donate.

Tell your friends and family about this too. I told mine and I already have bags of pasta that my friends have given me to bring.

We can't collect to much. They go through pounds and pounds of pasta every week.

When we think we can' t afford to help out, think about the little faces like this one.

Pasta doesn't cost much. If we buy a little at a time we won't even notice it. Yet, it can mean the difference between a kid eating that day or not.

We are all so blessed that our own kids are able to eat when they want and what they want. Think about how it would break your heart if you fell on hard times and couldn't afford to feed your child.

These kids are some of the most giving and generous kids. They even wanted to share their pasta with the girls.

While, I didn't have any, I hear it was very good tasting.

Trinity has already said she wants to have her birthday at this restaurant this year.

After the kids all ate, the girls started to hand out the stuffed animals and books they had given up from their own collection of stuffed animals.

The girls got so much joy out of seeing how excited the kids were to get these stuffed animals.

It really hit home with the girls about how much they really do have. They have so much that the three of them were able to give away 158 stuffed animals and several books without so much as batting an eye.

Yet, these kids treated their cast offs as gold.

Even the older kids all wanted a stuffed animal. They all had plans on what they were going to do with the one they got. Some were going to wrap it up and give to someone as a Christmas gift, some were giving them to their younger brothers and sisters and some were keeping them because they had never owned a stuffed animal before.

After all the stuffed animals were handed out, we all just looked around and we saw nothing but big smiles on all the kids faces.

It taught the girls first hand that it really is "Better to give then Receive".

By giving to these kids, the girls got so much more in return. They got first hand knowledge about how good it feels to make others happy.

They saw how by sharing what they have with others who have nothing, they can make a persons day, week or even year.

They learned it really is the little things in life that matter.

The girls didn't want to go home. They said they really had fun and felt like they made some new friends.

They all wanted to go back and agreed they all had so many more things at home that they could give to make these kids happy.

I was so touched by this night. Not only by the joy of the Motel Kids, but, also because I saw with my own eyes, a moment in our girls life that, they actually opened up their hearts and by doing so their hearts grew even bigger.

Each one of the parents and grandparents should be very proud, not only of the girls, but, of yourselves. Because, you all have been raising your girls to be wonderful kind hearted and loving people.

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