Friday, December 10, 2010


Yesterday, I had the girls come over to my house and while I can't tell everything we did, other then we made presents for their parents, I can tell you some of what we did.

We had a lot of fun! After we made the presents, we watched a Christmas movie, A Golden Christmas.

While watching the movie we enjoyed snacking on a variety of cookies. Sugar high!

Then the girls decided they wanted to spend time with my dogs. They asked if they could take them for a walk.

Being the BIG animal lover that I am, I am thrilled that all of the girls love animals too.

So, off we went! The girls decided who would get to walk which dog and if they would walk him up to the park or back from the park.

Once we were at the park, the girls wanted to spend some time running around and playing. I was sure I was going to be left watching the dogs but Nikki quickly said she would rather play with the dogs then anything else.

She was so funny! She told me she loved to pick up after the dogs went to the bathroom. When I questioned her about it she said "I love everything to do with dogs! Can you tell my mom how responsible I was and I picked up after the dogs when they went to the bathroom?"

I have a feeling Nikki has been asking for a dog of her own.

The girls played on the equipment and ran around for about an hour. It was nice to hear them all laughing and having a good time.

This picture is out of order and was actually taken shortly before we left. I was able to convince Nikki to let me hold on to the dogs so she could go play a little while.

It's not often that the girls all get together just to play and have fun. So it was a good chance for them to just do what they wanted for awhile. I think it's times like these that they really bond together more.

Nikki quickly came back and said she really wanted to play with the dogs. She had a great time with them. Plus, they had a great time with her!

While it was never in my plans to take the girls to the park, I think it was a great way for them to use up all the extra energy they had from all the cookies they ate.

Sometimes it's the unplanned things that turn out the best.

All to quickly, we had to head back to my house as it was time for me to take them home. We all agreed we wished we could have spent much more time there. We also agreed it was something we would have to do again, soon.

Before we left, the girls all wanted to get their picture taken with the dogs.

I know, you probably think I made them take these photos but, I promise, it was them who actually asked me to take the photos!

I think they all came out really cute.

Each girl picked her favorite dog to take her picture with. It was nice that two picked one dog and two picked the other dog.

I'm so happy all the girls love my dogs and enjoy spending time with them.

I do wish I lived closer to the girls. I would love to have them all take turns coming over to run with my dogs.

Oh and since I promised her... Sara, Nikki really LOVES spending time with dogs and wants you to know she would be very responsible if she had her own dog :)

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