Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today our Troop and families met up and went to see the Nutcracker Ballet. I think for most, it was their first time seeing The Nutcracker and in fact, was the first ballet they had seen.

I thought it would be fun if each girl had their own little Nutcracker to remember the day by. So, I gave them each a small Nutcracker ornament and wrote the year on the bottom.

I wasn't sure if they would enjoy the ballet or get tired of it really quickly. I was happy to hear they all enjoyed it.

I didn't get a chance to talk to all of the girls after the show but, I do know Trinity has now decided to start up a collection of Nutcrackers. She even bought one from the show with her own money.

I promised to give her the Nutcrackers I've had for years. It's so nice to be able to hand down my collections to someone who will treasure them as much as I have.

The theater was great. It really didn't matter where you sat, you were going to have a good seat. However, we were right in the middle and really couldn't have asked for better seats.

All the dancers were really good but, I have to admit, it was the little mice that stole my heart! They were so tiny and cute.

I've seen the Nutcracker several time over the years. My all time top favorite was when I saw Baryshnikov. He was one of the worlds top ballet dancers.

I've also seen some pretty bad shows. But, this show was very enjoyable. The costumes were pretty, the dancers were good and the music was nice.

I wonder how many of our girls will go to sleep tonight and dream about dancing sugar plums and toys coming to life just like little Claire did.

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