Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Getting four girls together and giving them sugar and paint and adding fire to the mix can be very scary.

So, that was the theme of our little Halloween party this year... SCARY!

Black, orange and white were the main choices of color.

An old haggard crow sits atop the stand holding the cupcakes. Making sure no monsters steal them away before the girls can have one.

(as a side note...looking at this picture made me laugh. it looks like the little umbrellas were put up to keep the crow from leaving any droppings on the cupcake :) let's just hope the sprinkles were not his colorful droppings)

Big black glittery spiders were crawling on the table.

Everyone was giving a bat covered hat box full of treats for being brave enough to sit at the table.

Haili doesn't seem to look like it is scary at all.

The girls all had big smiles when the first saw the table and sat down for dinner.

Jesse was excited to hear about all the food. We had lasagna, pizza, salad, garlic bread, orange soda, cookies and cupcakes. YUM!

Everyone pitched in and made this one great dinner. Thanks everyone!!!

The little skull heads were a bigger hit then I thought they would be. They could be made to spin their heads and make faces.

Oh Jesse. She cracks me up. She loves to make her own silly faces.

Nikki was the first one to discover that if you push the button the head spins.

They all got into the action and would spin, spin, spin the heads. It kept them busy as dinner was being served up.

Whenever I do a kids party, I always wonder if they will like or even notice the little touches. I was happy to see they enjoyed their Halloween party. I see they all used the colorful straws in their drinks.

Maureen brought them all a little candy stick with a darling gummy Halloween candy on it. They loved those! Each one was different so they were playing with them like they were little puppets.

Thinking about it now, I should have had them put on a little skit with them. That would have been cute.

Haili made the salad all by herself. She seemed to be enjoying it too.

After eating, it was time to head to the kitchen to make caramel apples.

At first I was the one stirring the caramel until it melted but then I told the girls to take turns as it was going to be them making the caramel apples, not me.

I warned them that the mixture would be very hot and to be careful not to splash it on them.

They seemed to really lenjoy doing this. They felt grown up as they carefully melted the caramel. They did a wonderful job too.

They all got three apples and had to put the sticks in themselves.

Something so simple was so fun for them.

Then it was time to dip the apples in the caramel. Jesse wanted to make another silly face. After all it was a Halloween party and time to have fun.

They were very careful to let the extra caramel run off before they pulled the apples away from the pan.

I have to admit I was a bit worried about making these. But, the girls were really into it and did a super job so I'm happy we did.

They already knew who they were going to share the apples with. They also wanted to be sure they did not get their apples mixed up because they wanted to make sure to have the ones they made.

It was nice to see they took pride in their work.

After the apples were done and the mess cleaned up they got to paint two sun catchers. Halloween themed, of course.

At first, they didn't think the paint was showing up. I explained that the paint was made to be thin so the sun would be able to shine though and they would look like stained glass.

Once I put their pieces on a piece of white paper towel they saw the colors came through better then they thought they were.

So they were happy.

Once the painting was finished, we put them aside to dry and moved on to making candy necklaces and bracelets.

There was one point where I just stood there and watched in amazement. They were all so into making there creations that it was silent. Wow! Four girls full of excitement and not one sound was coming out of them for a few minutes.

I think they were thinking about what color and what piece of candy should be put on next.

Once they were finished, it was time to clean up, pack up and head home.

I think they all had a good time. At least I hope they did.

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  1. I think they had a good time. WONDERFUL job on your part (as always!) for the party. They are luck y to have you as a leader!