Saturday, October 30, 2010


We had our Family night with the girls at Santa Ana's Boo at the Zoo. Trinity, Nikki and Jesse went.

Haili and her mom had other plans and was unable to join us. But, we missed her.

Before we actually got inside, I was wondering if this may have been a bad idea.

Perhaps Boo at the Zoo was meant for younger kids. I was worried the girls were not going to have fun.

Boy was I wrong! Everyone had a blast!

We enjoyed seeing all the creepy bugs. Some even looked like sticks that could walk.

The girls made it through the maze with no trouble at all. Well, at least I don't think they had trouble. I didn't actually go in with them, but, they came out and that is what mattered.

We had lots of photo ops.

The girls are getting so good at not even bothering to complain about all my picture taking. In fact, I sometimes think they are starting to enjoy it.

They all took turns popping their heads through the hole.

In fact, after they did it one time, they wanted to keep doing it.

Finally, they all joined in. Three little monkeys peaking up above the rest of the animals. Plus, the animal trainer in the center.

This old beat up jeep was fun to play around in. Until, they figured out the seats were wet. But, if they weren't I am sure this would have been a place to play and use their imagination.

This jeep could go anywhere their minds would take them.

Trinity was thrilled her Grandpa got to join us.

I think it's super nice when the girls get to enjoy time with each other and their families.

We will continue to offer family outings pretty often.

The show called "Creatures of the Night" taught us a few things about the creatures that come out at night.

Like, did you know humans only have one jaw bone but snakes have two. That is how they can dislocate their jaw and eat something way bigger then their mouth.

Or that owls can not move their eyes and that is why they are able to turn their heads so far around.

We got to get up and personal with the night time creatures. Like this hairy tarantula.

A slithering snake.

A little opossum.

I think opossums are so cute. They make good pets too. Plus, they eat snails.

So, no more chasing them out of your gardens. They are our friends.

After the show, Jesse had to leave. She went with her mom and dad to another outing they had planned. We all wished she could have spent the whole night with us.

There were a lot of laughs and smiles.

The girls are getting closer and becoming like real "Girl Scout sisters". The more outings we go on the more they get to know each other. They are all starting to really become comfortable around each other.

It makes me so happy to see these deeper friendships growing. To me, that is what girl scouts is really about. Building deep friendships, having fun and making memories to be cherished forever.

They were having so much fun, they hardly wanted to stop to grab a bite to eat.

They had a great time on the Merry Go Round. They picked the one that spun around like the Tea Cups at Disneyland. Boy oh boy, they got it spinning really fast too.

I was surprised to see how many people were in costumes. Young and old.

Even the goat got dressed up. I had no idea that Superman was really a goat. Did you? Well, it's true, I him with my own eyes.

I think they all felt a little grown up when they got to go on train ride alone, no adults.

Check out those happy faces. You can't fake that.

Trick or Treating, games, rides, lights, food, music and of course animals. It was really a night of magic.

Time flew by so quickly. We were all taken back when we heard it was time to head home.

I do think, with all that much excitement, everyone will sleep good tonight.

A quick stop at the gift shop and to toss a coin in to help support the zoo, then it was time to leave.

I am so very happy we picked Boo at the Zoo for our Halloween outing. Everyone had a great time.

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