Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, I was sure off my game tonight when it came to taking pictures. I almost completely forgot to take any.

I didn't get any of the girls making their Apple Crisp. I'm so sorry about that. They had a fun time adding the ingredients they brought to the bowl, mixing it all up and then layering it in the pan. But, the highlight was using the apple peeler and slicer.

Plus, they loved eating the skin that came off the apples in one long spiral.

While the Apple Crisp was baking, we discussed the Great California Shake Out. This is the program put on by the State of CA to get people prepared for a big Earthquake.

We discussed what could happen during a big Earthquake. We talked about making an emergency kit and how it should have food, water, flash lights and other items that would be useful in any emergency, which of course would include a big Earthquake.

We practiced Duck, Cover and Hold On.

We also shared where their families talked about meeting up should a big earthquake happen when they are apart from each other.

The girls also thought about how they would take care of their pets and make sure they were ok and what to put in their emergency kit for them too.

They also learned, if there wasn't any place to provide some type of coverage to duck under, they should go to an area with no windows and most halls are perfect for that. An interior wall is much safer then an exterior wall.

They practiced what to do if there is nothing to duck under. Get low, cover your head and wait it out.

I was surprised by the beautiful flowers the girls gave me. How sweet! It made my day to get flowers for no reason other then to say, thank you for being me.

Thank you so much!

After our lesson on the Great Shake Out, our Apple Crisp was done. We all had some ice cream with our warm Crisp.

Everyone loved it. I think the girls were really proud of what they made. I know I was!

Several of us even had a 2nd helping. We ran over and got Nikki's little brother so he could enjoy some with us. Then left the rest for Sara to enjoy. We thought she might like a little treat when she got home.

It was fun night in the kitchen. The girls really enjoyed making this treat for all of us.

For anyone who wants to know, they really did do it all. The only thing I did was help put the apples on the peeler and I put the Crisp in the Oven and took it out.

Other then that, it was all them!

They also talked about how healthy the apples were and how the ice cream had calcium in it. I was happy to hear they even thought about that and remembered what our lesson was all about.

These girls are very bright and just when I'm start to think that maybe I'm really not teaching them anything, they say and do something to show me how much they really are learning.

That makes me happy. It really is an honor that I can play a small part in the lives of these girls growing up.

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