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I had been looking forward to going to Camp Scherman ever since we signed up to go. I was so excited about seeing everything and having a fun day.

Even though I know I had high expectations, I must say, Camp Scherman was even better then I thought it would be.

The drive up there was quite a ways from home. Though, the girls were so excited about going that not once did anyone complain about the two hour drive.

We signed in and then went to the bathroom. On the way there we saw some of the cabins. We all agreed it would be so fun to stay in one some day.

The girls quickly noticed all the nature around and thought it was fun finding pine cones, branches, acorns, rocks and several other things.

One of the cabins were unlocked so we quickly took a peek inside. They are simple. Just bunk beds and storage spaces. However, they sure had a fun vibe to them.

The day was planned out for us. Everyone was put into groups. Our group was call the Apples. The first hour was spent on taking a tour of Camp Scherman.

We saw a few different cabins. The more money you are willing to spend to go to camp, the nicer the cabin is.

We were shown the dining area, the kitchen, where the pool was, the lake and all the other fun places.

It was pretty warm out. Everyone had to be sure to have water with them. After the tour of the cabins, kitchen and other building areas we were going to go on a hay ride.

We all piled into two big trucks full of hay to sit on and we were driven around to the different areas of the camp. Camp Scherman is over 700 acres. It goes on forever. Well, at least it seems like it does.

Before taking off, we all sang some camp songs and we enjoyed a few snacks. Boy, the sun was starting to get hot.

Here is one of the bigger cabins we went by. It has several rooms with bunk beds and even an indoor bathroom and showers.

The smaller cabins don't have the showers and bathrooms. You have to walk to another building to use them.

The trees were so pretty and the sky was so clean. The blue sky was lovely and the clouds would float by.

Driving to the camp it was very overcast and there were dark clouds threatening to rain on us. But, as soon as we pulled into the parking lot the sun broke through. It was almost like Disneyland where magic happens once you step on the property.

We saw the lake and one of the other groups were out there on the canoes. The girls were excited about getting a chance to row in the canoe. Our turn would come later in the day.

Every time we went into a cabin, the girls would run and pick out the bed they wanted to sleep on if they got that cabin for over night.

The tour was over and we were dropped off at our hiking area.

We learned that some of the pine trees smell like butterscotch. Here the girls are all trying to smell the tree.

It really did! Strange thing though, if you pull the bark off the tree, it no longer has that smell.

OK, I was really starting to wonder if we were in a magical land now. The skies clear up, the trees smell like candy... what was going to be next?

The hike took us up the mountain and at times got pretty steep. We had to walk single file as the trail was narrow.

Once we made it to the top, we saw big rocks with holes that were made by the Indians years and years ago. They would take a small rock and grind up the acorns to turn into flour.

The view up there was so pretty. Just like a postcard.

The girls really liked it up there.

We only got to spend a little time up there before we had to head back down.

It was fun to be able to look down and see everything that we had already seen from down below.

They had some really cool rocks. Here is Haili in front of one.

Also, Trinity flashing a smile of approval. She liked it up there.

Nikki is standing next to another one showing how big the rock was.

On the hike we were shown several different plants and told about which ones were the ones we wanted to stay away from. They either had thorns or were poisonous.

The guide showed us some plants that produced feather like objects attached to the seeds. Then when the wind would blow, they would fly away and land far away from the original bush. Then the seed would sprout and a new bush would pop up.

It was kind of scary at certain parts of the trail. As we made our way down, we had to be careful not to slid on the sandy soil.

It was much easier going down then it was hiking up though. In fact, we lost a few parents along the way up. They couldn't make it and turned around.

We were all troopers and made it the whole way. We were all happy we did too because we wouldn't have wanted to miss the fun and beauty at the top.

On the way back to where we were going to eat lunch, we made another quick stop to smell the tree and sure enough, it still smelled like butterscotch.

Nikki loved the smell and said she wanted a tree like it in her back yard.

Everyone was happy it was finally lunch time. The hike and being in the fresh outdoors made us all hungry.

Some of the girls from another Troop entertained us with a dance from their Mexican culture. While I'm not sure what that had to do with camping, it was still nice.

Then as if someone turned on that magic switch again, the weather went from warm and sunny to overcast and dark skies. It got cold and even started to rain on us.

We went into the museum and saw all sorts of stuffed wild life. Looks like that lion found someone who is not scared of him.

The girls ate some ice cream, provided by the camp, and then, we walked over to try our hand at archery.

We didn't let the rain get in our way of having fun. After all we are Girl Scouts and it takes more then a little rain to stop us.

All the girls were a bit nervous about trying this activity. But, once again, they were all troopers and picked up their bow and arrows and gave it a shot. (pun intended)

I don't think any one there ever dreamed of shooting arrows in the rain. Though Trinity looked like it was exciting.

They blew the whistle. It was time to get READY. They took their places. One foot on one side of the rope and one on the other. Get SET, they put the arrows in the bow. AIM! They pointed towards the target and pulled back on the bow. FIRE! Arrows flew everywhere!

OK, so none of the girls hit the target (with the exception of one of the older teen girls). They all got to try something new and face their fear. That's what counted.

Nikki almost didn't want to try it at all. With a little nudge, she stepped up and did her best. Which was very good, if you ask me. Her arrows went further then most girls.

Haili had a few questions for the instructors. One question made me smile. She wanted to know what would happen if they shot their arrow so far it went into the forest and couldn't be found.

After hearing it didn't matter where the arrow went, she felt better and was more then ready to try her hand at archery.

The rain was starting to come down harder and harder but the girls didn't seem to mind at all. It was not going to stop them from having fun.

I think they had as much fun shooting the arrows as they did going to search for them afterwards.

They had a game set up the girls could play while the other girls were shooting. It was two balls attached to a string and they would toss it and try to get it to wrap around the target.

Something so simple and easy looking. Yet the girls really liked it.

They didn't want to leave. Until they head it was time!

Time for what they had really been waiting for!

Going on the canoe! By this time, the Heavens had really opened up and the rain was coming down in buckets.

But, to be honest, I think they had more fun because of the rain!

They could hardly wait to get in and paddle away.

There was room for only five so I agreed to stay on shore and take photos.

It was finally their turn to get in. The guide told everyone where to sit and explained that as long as everyone sat down on their cushion, the canoe would not tip over. But, if anyone tried to stand up it could.

Once everyone was in, they were given a push back from the shore and they were off. Out to the Wild Blue Yonder. Or, at least out on the lake.

The lake was very clear. Even though it doesn't look like in these photos, you could see to the bottom of the lake.

Then had a blast! Everyone took a turn paddling.

They were going to town. They looked like pros. You never would have known it was their first time out there.

The rain didn't bother then in the least bit.

They were out there on the lake for about 1/2 and then, all to soon, it was time to come back to shore.

I was proud of the great job they did. They got all around the lake, went forward, backwards, right and left.

They even were able to bring their canoe back to shore in between two other canoes. All, without crashing. While it may sound like that is not a big deal, it is.

Several of the other teams did crash, as they didn't know to turn to avoid each other. One even had to be pushed back from the side of the lake because they got stuck.

I think going out in the canoe in the rain will be something they will always remember.

From the lake, we walked over to the pumpkin patch. Everyone (even the adults) got to pick their own pumpkin to take home.

By the time we got there, the rain had stopped completely.

There were many to pick from. Big ones, small ones, white ones, orange ones, multi color ones. You name it and they had it. We picked the one we wanted and pulled it right off the vine.

Nikki got a white one. Sadly, she dropped it and it split apart as we were getting off the truck to go home. But, Maureen, quickly offered to give her hers.

Maureen is always so sweet that way. It's all about the girls, all the time. She always does so much for them. Thanks Maureen. You're the best!

Trinity went with an odd shaped one. She thought it had a lot of character.

I didn't get a picture of Haili's pumpkin as she went off, with her mom, to visit with the horses before I could snap her picture. But, she got a nice orange one and Michelle got a huge deep orange pumpkin. I think she got the biggest one out everyone.

Not only were there pumpkins to pick, they got to pick through what was left in the gardens. There were still tomatoes, onions, lettuce, squash and other things growing.

We all got to eat some too. They were grilling up batches and batches of mixed veggies for us to enjoy. They were all very good.

They also brought out boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies for us to enjoy.

The girls then headed over the craft area to make a necklace out of leather.

It was then time to pack up our things and take our last hey ride back down to the parking lot.

Everyone was tired and ready to go by then. It was a long day, even though the time went by so quickly. It really is true when they say "Time flies by when you are having fun".

Everyone agreed we wanted to come back and spend a weekend there. Maybe even a whole week in the summer.

I am hoping we sell enough Fall Products and Cookies in a few months, so we can afford to go as a Troop.

This was a day full of adventures and trying our hand at some new things. Lots of fun was had and memories made.

I don't know about anyone else, but I sure slept good that night.

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