Monday, April 2, 2012


One hundred years ago, Girl Scouts was first started by Juliette Gordon Low.  She sold her strand of pearls to get the money to start this wonderful girls group.

We went as a troop to the Nixon Library to celebrate the 100th Anniversary along with hundreds of other girl scouts. 

There were several stations that the girls could do an activity and also earn a "badge", which was really a sticker.  These "badges" were actual badges that girls could earn from years ago.  We had to find 9 locations and do what they planned for us and then we would get a sticker/badge.
The first one we stopped at was the Millinery (hat making)  badge.  The girls made a birthday hat. 

This badge was very popular back in the days that girls and women wore hats. 

We stopped for a photo with the 100th Birthday cake they made just for this event.

The girls all wanted to stop and send a card to the men and women that are in the Military to thank them for their service and for keeping us safe.

We then headed over to the house that President Nixon actually lived in a child. 

We got to go through the little house and see some of the actual furniture, kitchen items, piano, photos and other items from when he lived there. 

We then made a mad dash over the actual helicopter that President Nixon used while he was in office.  We were very lucky because there were no lines and we got to go right in without waiting.

The girls thought it was very interesting to see how a President used to get to locations by helicopter.

We decided we would eat before the crowds got super bad.  We lucked out and were able to get tables to sit down at. 

Everyone got to pick between hot dogs, chicken tacos or pizza.  Each item also came with a snack and drink.

After everyone had full tummies, it was back to finding the locations of the other "badges".  The girls liked making the rose pens.  The rose was Pat Nixon's favorite flower and since it was also her birthday celebration, the rose was used and made very cute pens.

 The girls also made little clothes pin dolls. 

We got to see several of Pat Nixon's old dresses from when she lived in the White House.  We all picked out the ones we liked the most.

We were all pretty tired from walking around for hours.  So, we took advantage of going inside and listening to a lady sing some fun girl scout songs.

They also had some drawings going on where the girls could enter to win a free gutiar, bike or other items.

We got stopped by someone taking photos for council and they asked if the girls would pose in front of the water.  We actually got stopped by several people because they said our troop looked so nice and were very well mannered.  How nice.

After we got all the badges/stickers, the girls still had some energy left.  They wanted to go to where the DJ was and dance.  So dance they did! 

They had so much fun there.  They said it was the best part of the day.  They also laughed a lot.

No one wanted to stay for cake.  WHAT!  Kids didn't want to eat cake? 

Well, truth be told, we all stopped and the girls were able to get drinks and a treat earlier. 

Since we did everything and the girls finally got tired of dancing, we decided it was time to go.  Everyone was tired and ready to go. 

We all said our good byes and headed home.