Sunday, April 8, 2012


We have been spending the last few weeks working on our Generation Badge.  The girls have been learning about their family trees and how to go about being an investigator to find out more info on who their family was, several generations back.

Each girl found out some interesting information about their family that they didn't know before. 

Some were able to see names that were passed down from generation, to generation.  Some learned where their blue eyes could have come from. 

Some saw a history of health problems that could have been passed down to even their generation. 

Many found out when their family first came to America.

The girls were able to see how getting birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, military records, old school records, family bibles and many other documentations, could give them valuable information for their family trees.

A few of the girls found out that other family members have been working on their family tree.  This of course was great for them as it already provided them with a lot of information to work off of.

One other thing we did was a craft to help remind the girls of these new "family members" they just learned about.

We took old photos and made copies.  Then they cute out the picture, glued it to the back of a clear stone and then added a magnet to the back. 
This way, they are able to put these on their refrigerators and think of them often.

Some girls forgot to bring their pictures with them.  They had the option to either take the supplies home to make them at home or they could draw a picture, write a name or saying to use as their magnets.

They all came out great and the girls enjoyed making these. 

I also showed them how they could make larger paper weights the same way, only using a larger piece of glass.

They have all been really interested in learning about past generations and how times have changed so much.

It's always nice to know where we came from. 


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