Sunday, April 22, 2012


It was time to celebrate Easter and go visit with the Easter Bunny!  OK, maybe I had to beg a few girls to have their picture taken with the Bunny but so what.  I'm sure they really wanted to sit on his or I guess I should say her lap.  Look at those big smiles.

I always thought the Easter Bunny was a boy.  After all, the song says it's Peter Cottontail that hopped down the bunny trail.  Not Sally Cottontail.  Oh well.

We had fun going to the Orange County Fair Grounds for their Easter Celebration.

The girls had fun picking out what they wanted painted on their face. 

Diana went with a full face butterfly.  Doesn't she look beautiful?

Most of the girls went with only one side of their face being painted.

Here the girls are showing off their lovely painted faces. 

Each girl also had a basket to collect the candy, stuffed animals and of course the Easter Eggs that they opened up quickly to see if a "Golden Ticket" was inside the egg.

Sadly, no such ticket was found by our girls.  But, they did get a lot of candy, small toys and a stuffed animal.

Right before my eyes, some of the girls turned into pretty Spring flowers!

Some were trying out their hands at being the new Easter Bunny.

There were lines at every station we had to wait in to for the chance at winning that coveted "Golden Ticket" that would have brought with it a Super Big Easter Basket. 

Yet, the longest line we had to wait in was for lunch.  We got an extra large fresh baked pizza that we all shared.  YUM!

There were all sorts of magical moments.  We even came across some extra tall butterfly ladies. 

After we hit up all the spaces, got tons of treats and everyone had a nice full tummy, it was time to leave. 

The girls were not ready to go home yet.  So, we made a stop back at Perry School so the 5th grade girls could help paint the wall behind the school.  It's a way they got to leave their mark behind once they move on to 6th grade.

Then we spent some time a park where the girls had fun running around, playing hide and seek and using up what little energy they had.

Another fun outing was over.