Monday, December 5, 2011


Going on a Night Hike is different then going on a  hike in the day. 
We met up with the Girl Scout organizer and the Ranger who was going to guide us through out hike.
It was cold, so we bundled up.

We met up at Irvine Park and found the other girls we were going to hike with as well as the park Ranger.

He told us that we were not going to use our flash lights.  That the moon was going to guide us instead. 

We had to get our "night eyes" first and then we headed out. 
It was an easy hike but seeing shadows and hearing sounds can make ones mind wonder what is out there.  

We thought maybe we would come across some kind of an animal that came out at night but, we didn't see any.

The hike took a little over an hour, which was long enough as it was chilly.  We did get to see more stars then we can see out in the city with all the lights.  We also saw Jupiter.

We got to go by where the cabins and tents are if you are camping.  We all agreed it looked like fun.

Of course all the hiking and being out doors worked up an appetite.  So, the girls were excited when the Park Ranger brought us in to enjoy some cookies!

We all talked about what else we were going to do this weekend.  Everyone seemed to be looking forward to the Victorian Christmas event.

Since two troops didn't make it to the night hike, there were lots and lots of extra cookies.  So many in fact, that I had to limit the amount the girls could eat. 

I didn't think the parents would be thrilled to have the girls going home on a sugar high.

As always with this troop, there were lots of giggles and laughs going on all night.

On our way back to the cars, the girls stopped for a photo outside.  It was hard to get good night time photos though as it was pretty dark there and the flash on my camera is pretty weak.

The fun part of this was how much the girls laughed as the flash did go off and blind them for a second or two.  They thought it was a crack up for some reason.

Since nothing showed up in the view finder of my camera as I looked to take the photos, we never knew what kind of photos we would get.  

We took a group of photo and you can see, our troop was pretty much it for the hikers.  The leader who got the night planned out only had her daughter show up and then there was another leader who had two kids. 

So, even though it was a service unit event, it really was more like a hike we went on as a troop.  The girls were happy with that.  They said they would rather do things with just our troop then to get together with a lot of other troops. 

I guess that is a good thing because it means they really enjoy our troop and the friends they have made.