Tuesday, December 20, 2011


After weeks of practicing, it was finally time to go out and hit the neighborhood to cheer everyone up with singing Christmas Carols.

We first spent some time enjoying cookies and getting in one last practice.

The girls donned their Santa hats and scarfs and were ready to go.

We decided that each girl would take turns picking the song to sing at each house.

The first house we sang at was Nikki's.  The girls went outside, knocked on the door and sang for Susie (Diana's mom) and Chase (Nikki's brother). 

The girls figured out how to stand so they could all be seen by those who answered the doors.

The girls were excited and ready to go sing to the neighbors.  They wanted to bring good tidings and great cheer to everyone.

They did great!  They sang loud and wished everyone a Merry Christmas before heading on to the next house.

Everyone who answered the door was thrilled to see the girls.  They loved hearing them sing and everyone wished the girls Merry Christmas and thanked them over and over for "making their night".

They were greeted by dogs, cats, kids and even had their picture taken.

Every girl said she had a lot of fun.  When our time was up we headed back and we all sang more songs walking down the street. 

I remember years ago having carolers come to my house.  It was fun and reminded me of what I had seen in the movies. 

Not to many people go caroling any more these days.  I really hope that everyone who got entertained by these great girls enjoyed it as much I did.  I hope they remember it always, as I have all these years later.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Hi Joanne,
    The other 3 leaders gave up after 1 year because it was too hard! One mom said that I made it look too easy to lkead the troop! haha
    We only have 6 girls and the moms decided to take turns hosting meetings. We have had about 5-6 meetings and all of them were lead by me because I was teaching the girls how to sew and then I steered them to the random acts of kindness. So I am counting that as being their leader again :)
    Have a very Merry Christmas Joanne! I just been so busy with mom's chemo, scouts, Nutcracker and life in general, I haven't posted as much on the blog as I would like. Come and visit me on FB! Donna Dark Collins