Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We experimented with color tonight as part of the Looking Your Best badge.

The girls took turns holding up different colors to their face.
Then everyone voted on which colors looked the best on everyone.

It was interesting to see that everyone looked best in different colors.  Though several did have the same colors.

So, we picked the  most popular colors and the girls voted to pick three of those colors.  They were hot pink, orange and yellow. 

We are going to use those three colors to make tied dyed shirts after the Holidays.  We will use those shirts as another troop shirt to wear on outings.

Then we did a fun craft that the girls really enjoyed doing.

We took clear glass candle holders and covered them in a glue called Mod Podge.

Then they rolled them in Epsom Salt. 

They turned out looking like snow was all over them.  The frosty glass looks pretty once they are glowing from the candle being lit.

Each girl got to make two candle holders to take home. 

They were easy to make and fun to do.  I think the girls could have a made a dozen more if we had the supplies.

The last thing we did was practice singing the Christmas Carols they will be singing.  Then the girls decided to sing a funny song just for fun.  Even though it's one we won't be singing when we go out to carol, they thought it was so funny and kept asking to sing it so I told them they could.

They sang "Grandma got run over by a reindeer".  Oh poor grandma!

These girls crack me up.  They are so fun to be around and I always leave the meetings in a good mood.