Friday, September 3, 2010


It was a beautiful day for swimming. Warm but not real hot. The girls are ready to start their testing for their 3rd patch. As soon as Nikki finishes getting her bathing suit on, the testing will start.

We first started with a discussion on Swimming safety. Talking about the dos and don'ts of swimming. Things such as Do swim with a buddy and make sure an adult is always near by watching. Don't swim when you see or hear a storm coming.

We also talked about how to help another swimmer should they get a cramp, is shivering from hypothermia (a new word they loved and used all day), had a sunburn or heat exhaustion or is just tired.

They were then teamed up with their buddy and would have to put what we talked about to practice during the swim test.

First the girls showed that they knew how to use a flotation device, how to cooperate with someone who is trying to rescue them, how to tread water and using good sense in cold water, deep water, in a current and rough water. They also had to show they knew how to pick out and wear personal flotation device.

They were tested to see if they could Glide 6 feet, kick 25 yards, swim the crawl 25 yards, swim doing two different strokes for 50 yards.

They also had to pick a buddy check call and use it so their buddy would know if they needed any help.

They learned to snorkel and showed they could choose a mask and make sure it would fit them and how to use them.

They had to show they could swim while breathing through the snorkel only and how to go under water and clear the snorkel and mask.

They also had to show they could do a surface dive in both shallow and deep water. They had to jump into the water of the deep end and go to the bottom.

Here Jesse is checking out her "buddy", Nikki, to see if she has hypothermia. She had her get out of the water, wrapped her in warm dry towels, checked to see if her lips were blue and had her sit in the sun to warm up.

After all the testing was finished, the girls were tired and hungry. Here they are waiting for lunch to be brought home.

They all ate lunch and rested up a bit.

Then it was time to learn how to make snow cones.

They liked being able to pour their own flavor on the ice.

Some how, no matter what it is, if kids help make it then it always tastes so much better!

They also enjoyed not only the flavors but mixing them to make the ice turn other colors. They knew red and blue made the ice purple and had fun watching it happen right before their eyes.

They all sat on the swing and enjoyed their snow cones. They also talked about what other things they wanted to do in Girl Scouts.

It was agreed they wanted to learn to cook and to help animals. They want to go to a shelter and bring blankets and food. They also would like to learn to sew and take a trip to San Diego Zoo. With their cookie money they all said they wanted to go to Build a Bear.

So I guess that is what we will be working on for the next few months.

It was then back into the water for some free play time.
I think it was really good to have the girls spend this time together. It gave them time to bond and strengthen their friendships.

They had a lot of laughs and got along so well. It was like they had gone through the testing together and passed together and now they were a team together.

They were making memories and it was fun to watch and listen to.

They did not want the day to end. Each one said they wanted to stay and if they had to leave they wanted to come back again sometime.

They played Marco Polo. Each taking turns and all playing fair.

Then when it was finally time to leave, Zeke gave the girls kisses good bye.

It was so cute to see the girls loving Zeke as much as he loved them.

I was very proud of the girls today. They were so good and really tried hard to do things they weren't sure they would be able to do. They learned new things and showed their fellow Girl Scout Sisters things they knew.

They earned their Swimming Patch and also got a Swimming Fun Patch.

I think this was by far the most fun these girls had since I've been the Troop leader and it made me happy to know they had such a good time.

I think of these girls as "My Girls". I'm so honored to be their Troop Leader.

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